All the Things the iPad Can Do

All the Things the iPad Can Do Ipad

Accept credit cards

One popular business function an iPad can perform is to act as a cash register and accept credit cards. Select and download your preferred credit card app and use the companion reader to register payments.

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Act as a personal assistant

Siri, Apple’s voice recognition software, has many great uses that add to the iPad experience. One thing Siri can do is act as a personal assistant. You can use it to schedule appointments and events, set reminders, or use it as a timer.

Can you make phone calls on an ipad? — quora

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Connect a keyboard

A tablet’s biggest drawback is the lack of a physical keyboard. The on-screen keyboard isn’t bad, and you can adjust iPad keyboard settings, but few people type as fast on a touchscreen as they can on a real keyboard.

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There are several options for connecting a physical keyboard to the iPad, which works with most wireless keyboards. Some keyboard cases can turn your iPad into a device that looks more like a laptop.

Connect it to your tv

There are several ways to connect your iPad to a TV. Use Apple Airplay mirroring with your Apple TV or another smart TV to connect wirelessly. For a wired connection, use Apple’s Digital AV Adapter to connect via HDMI.

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Once connected, you can stream videos to your TV and also play games on the big screen. Some games fully support video out, maximizing your TV’s graphics while using the iPad as a controller.

Connect your guitar

IK Multimedia was an early adopter of the iPad in the music industry, creating the iRig guitar interface that allows guitars to plug into the iPad. Using the AmpliTube app, iRig can turn your iPad into a multi-effects processor. And while it may not be gig-ready, it’s a great way to practice when you don’t have easy access to all of your gear.

Control your home pc (iteleport)

Want to do more than use your iPad as an additional monitor? You can take it another step and remote control your PC with your iPad. Apps like GoToMyPC, iTeleport, and Remote Desktop let you bring up your PC’s desktop and control it through your iPad’s screen.

Create music

With the ability to accept MIDI signals, the music industry has taken the iPad to a new level with some cool apps and accessories. The iPad is now a regular at NAMM, the annual music festival where the music industry showcases the latest gadgets and devices. It’s not uncommon for music workstations to have an iPad companion app.

Hook up a MIDI keyboard and use the tablet for making music or use the iPad keyboard to play the piano.

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Create your own custom radio station

The iPad makes a great music player, and it’s as fully functional as the iPhone or iPod. Sync it with iTunes or your PC and gain access to your custom playlists. Or use the Genius feature to create a custom on-the-fly playlist.

Stream music or internet radio with iHeartRadio or create your own radio station on Pandora by selecting songs or artists you love. And with an Apple Music subscription, you can stream most songs and listen to curated radio stations in the app.

Help out in the kitchen

The ​iPad can also do great things in the kitchen. There are various apps like Epicurious that take the idea of a cookbook to the next level. Use these apps to find recipes with certain ingredients or search based on dietary needs, such as gluten-free recipes.

Load pictures into it

Load your pictures into the iPad using Apple’s Lightning to USB, Lightning to USB-3 Camera Adapter, or Camera Connection Kit. These adapters support most digital cameras and can import videos as well as photos. You can also use photo editing apps or the iPad’s built-in Photo app to do touch-ups to the images you import.

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Play games

While the best-known iPad games like Candy Crush and Temple Run appeal to casual players, the iPad supports titles that would even satisfy a hardcore gamer. The newest iPad packs in as much graphics power as an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, along with the processing power of most laptops, so it delivers a deep gaming experience.


Apple also offers support for some wireless controllers and keyboard and mouse play with certain iPad games.

What good does it do to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations if you can’t print them? AirPrint allows the iPad to work wirelessly with a range of printers, including Lexmark, HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother printers. You can access the print capability in many apps.

Read a good book

The iPad makes a great ebook reader. In addition to buying books in Apple’s Books app, you can access your Barnes & Noble’s books with the NOOK app or your Kindle titles via the iPad Kindle app. Sync content to the iPad in the respective app, so you can pick up where you left off no matter which device you use.

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One nice bonus: You can find a number of free ebooks from Project Gutenberg, a group dedicated to creating digital versions of books in the public domain. Some of those titles are classics like Sherlock Holmes’s short stories or Pride and Prejudice.

Record music

Let’s not forget the iPad’s ability to record music. Apple Garage Band allows you to record and manipulate multiple tracks. Combined with the ability to hook a mic into the iPad, you can easily use the tablet as a multi-track recorder or as an addition to a practice session.

Replace your gps

If you prefer a more prominent display to follow turn-by-turn directions in your vehicle, use your iPad and Apple Maps to replace the GPS in your car. You will need an iPad with a cellular connection or a data-tethered iPad. A supportive iPad mount will also help.

Replace your laptop

The iPad is efficient at fulfilling most basic computing tasks. Can it replace your laptop or desktop PC? That depends on your personal needs. Some people use proprietary software that’s not available for the iPad.

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For general use, the iPad can complete many of the miscellaneous tasks you perform on laptops or PCs. Search for information on the web, check email, and stay productive with tools such as the Notes app. Add accessories such as a keyboard and mouse to mimic a laptop or desktop setup.

Scan documents

It’s easy to turn the iPad into a scanner with a helpful scanner app. Most scanner apps do the heavy lifting for you, including auto-focusing and straightening the document to appear as it would through a traditional scanner.

Slowest password ever

You’ll see a default Apple TV screen that you haven’t seen since you first bought it. Look for the Settings icon, click on that using your Apple TV remote. Go into Network and then laboriously key in the venue’s Wi-Fi password. You may also have to key in their network name too.

This is a pain with the Siri remote. It is less so with a Bluetooth keyboard, but that also has to be connected to the Apple TV — but in a less arduous fashion than entering a Wi-Fi password. It is one more thing to leave behind someplace, or forget to pack in the first place.

If you’ve just thought that you can simply type into your iPhone’s Apple TV remote app then we can only say sorry. You would be right and you will be right — once you’ve got that Apple TV onto the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.

The one good thing is that Apple TV does remember networks you’ve connected to so if you return to this same venue, you’re fine.

When you get through this the first time, though, go do the same on your iPad: make sure that it is on the venue’s same Wi-Fi network.

If you’re really slick, and don’t need the venue’s internet connection or network, you’ll bring your own router all configured and ready to go. It might be worth snapping up an AirPort Express for just this thing and velcroing it to your Apple TV.

Stream movies/music from your pc

One great iTunes feature is Home Sharing, which allows you to stream music and movies from your desktop PC or laptop to your other devices, including your iPad. When you enable this feature, you can access your entire music and movie collection without eating up storage or requiring extra storage space.

The virtual touchpad

The iPad’s touchscreen generally does the work of a mouse, but when you need fine control, such as moving the cursor to a particular letter in a word processor, use the iPad’s virtual touchpad.

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Turn the ipad into an old-fashioned arcade game

If you miss the days of coin-op arcade games like Asteroids and Pac-Man, consider accessories that turn your iPad into an arcade game. Gadgets like ION iCade include a gaming cabinet complete with joysticks and buttons.

Use as an additional monitor

Apps like AirDisplay and DuetDisplay transform your iPad into a second monitor for your PC or Mac. Macs with macOS Catalina (10.15) and iPad models with the Sidecar feature make using your iPad as a second display simple. Activate the feature from System Preferences on your Mac.

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Use it like a camera

The newest iPads have smartphone-quality, built-in front-facing and rear cameras. Use the various shooting and lighting modes to capture crisp photos. Even older iPads with the 8 MP iSight camera do well in the camera department, delivering fantastic photos.

You can also use iMovie to enhance the videos you take with your iPad and use iCloud to share iPad photos between devices or friends and family.

Use voiceover to create a keynote presentation on ipad

You can replace the placeholder media on a slide to add your own images and video. You do this in the canvas.

  1. In Keynote on iPad, open the VoiceOver rotor and use the Containers setting to navigate to the canvas.

  2. To navigate through the content in the canvas, swipe left or right (or use the left and right arrows on a keyboard). When you hear the name of an image you want to replace, double-tap to select it.

  3. Swipe left or right through the image’s handles until you hear “Replace Image button,” then double-tap to open the Albums sidebar.

  4. Do one of the following to select the media you want to use:

    • To use a photo or video in the Albums sidebar: Select an album, then double-tap to select the media you want to add.

    • To use a photo or video from iCloud or another service: Double-tap Insert from below the albums, then double-tap to select the media you want to add.

    • To use a new photo or video: Choose Take Photo or Video, then choose Use Photo or Use Video.

    The image or video automatically replaces the placeholder media on the slide.

You can also insert your own shapes and other objects by choosing the Insert menu in the toolbar. To navigate to the toolbar from the slide layout area, use the Containers setting in the VoiceOver rotor.

To add accessibility descriptions to your images, audio, and videos (which are read by VoiceOver and other assistive technology), see Add an image description, Add an audio description, or Add a video description.

Video conferencing

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Write a letter

Make it kid-friendly

Are you planning to use the iPad as a family device? Turn on iPad parental controls and apply restrictions on the type of apps, music, and movie downloads. You can also remove in-app purchases or the app store entirely and limit access to apps such as Safari.

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