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Amazon’s product page lets you configure your iPad Pro with your choice of color, connectivity and memory. You can also configure your own iPad Pro 11-inch version, which will save you several hundred dollars.


Apple’s website is the mothership for ordering an iPad. You won’t find any deals or discounts here, of course, but you can preorder the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models and easily configure the finish, storage size and connectivity, as well as add Apple’s optional engraving to the back. You can also save up to $580 by trading in your old iPad.

Apple pencil (2nd generation)

No iPad Pro is complete without an Apple Pencil, which you can use to write, draw, sketch, highlight and more. The new iPad Pros are compatible with the second gen Pencil which clips to the iPad magnetically when not in use, charging wirelessly in the process.

Apple pro display xdr

What? A 32-inch 6K desktop monitor can be an iPad Pro accessory? Yep. Thanks to the iPad Pro’s Thunderbolt port, it can drive this phenomenal monitor at full resolution, making it a superb choice for graphic design and photography work from an iPad Pro. Like the 12.

Apple smart keyboard folio

Apple’s Smart Folio Keyboard is a value-priced alternative to the Magic Keyboard, devoid of a trackpad and the floaty design. Ready for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it requires no pairing or charging—just magnetically connect it to the iPad’s Smart Connector and start typing. When not in use, it serves as a soft protective cover for your iPad’s valuable screen.

Apple представила новые ipad и ipad mini

Компания Apple в рамках онлайн-презентации новых продуктов представила два новых планшета — базовую модель iPad и компактный iPad mini. Прием заказов на новинки уже открыт, а в продаже планшеты появятся на следующей неделе.

iPad получил новый процессор A13 Bionic, который увеличил производительность устройства на 20%. У модели улучшены камеры, причем фронтальная получила широкоугольный 12 Мп объектив с функцией «В центре внимания» от iPad Pro. Экран получил True Tone для подстройки цвета под освещение в помещении. На рынок планшет выйдет с операционной системой iPad OS 15. Базовый планшет получит 64 Гб встроенной памяти и будет стоить от $329.

Более серьезные обновления получил компактный iPad mini: дизайн корпуса выполнен в стилистике iPhone 12, кнопка Touch ID теперь встроена в клавишу включения. Заявлены более мощные процессор и графика, а также 8,3-дюймовый экран Liquid Retina с функцией True Tone. Планшет получил разъем USB-С, поддержку сетей сотовой связи 5G, а также обновленные камеры12 Мп — основная может записывать видео в 4K, а фронтальная также имеет функцию «В центре внимания». Переработаны динамики, которые обладают стереоэффектом в альбомной ориентации планшета. Стоить новый iPad mini будет от $499. При этом iPad mini поддерживает стилус Apple Pencil второго поколения, тогда как базовый iPad — только первое поколение аксессуара.

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Apple представляет новый невероятно производительный ipad mini с восхитительным новым дизайном


AT&T is offering the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro. You can choose to buy it at retail price or use AT&T’s installment plan, which starts at $43.34 per month for the 128GB version. You can also save up to $200 by trading in an older iPad.

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Best buy

Best Buy has a dedicated landing page for the new iPad Pro. Click the buttons atop to see all the iPad Pro models the retailer offers. Each purchase comes with six months of Apple Music and Apple News .

Best ipad pro 2021 accessories

There will soon be a treasure trove of custom fifth-generation iPad Pro accessories. Right now, here are a few accessories that you can get right now to enhance your iPad Pro experience.

Ipad pro 11-inch vs ipad pro 12.9-inch

The new iPad Pro comes in two sizes—so which one is right for you? The 11-inch and 12.9-inch models have essentially the same specs and features, with one significant difference: Apple has brought an all-new Liquid Retina XDR Display to the 12.9-inch display, essentially transforming it into the flagship tablet in the Apple lineup.

It’s essentially the same display tech that you’ll find in Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitor. It is packed with 5.59 million pixels and pumps out a peak brightness of 1,600 nits with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It relies on a mini-LED design that uses the same kind of local dimming zones you’ll find in high-end LED TVs for enhanced contrast—2,500 of them in all.

In contrast, the 11-inch iPad Pro has a more typical Liquid Retina display. It shares some of the same features as the 12.9-inch display, like a broad P3 color gamut, 120Hz ProMotion display and True Tone color calibration. But it has a much more modest 600 nits of peak brightness.

Do you need the Liquid Retina XDR Display that’s in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro? Only if you’re a graphic professional, in all likelihood. For everyone else, the 11-inch iPad is probably good enough.

Magic keyboard for ipad pro

The Magic Keyboard can transform your iPad Pro 12.9-inch into a formidable replacement for your laptop. It has a “floating cantilevered design” which means the iPad attaches magnetically and essentially hangs in the air above the keyboard. It has a pass-through USB-C port to charge the iPad.


You can get the iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet from T-Mobile for as little as $30 per month if you put $580 down—though you can also opt to pay in full if you prefer.


Verizon is also offering the iPad Pro 12.9-inch at retail price or on installment with a 24-month or 30-month payment plan. At 30 months, the 128GB version is available for as little as $43.33 per month.


Walmart is by far the worst retailer to buy an iPad Pro right now. You can only find the 11-inch 128GB model in Space Grey, while all others remain out of stock for an unknown stretch of time.

What’s new with the ipad pro 2021?

Among other platforms, Apple announced a bunch of new features for the iPad Pro at WWDC thanks to the arrival of iPadOS 15. While we haven’t yet heard anything about what Apple plans to enable with all the extra power and memory inside of the newest iPad Pro models, we did get our first look at some exciting new features that should make using one even more pleasant.

One of the most highly requested iPad features over the years has been better home screen management. Especially with the breadth of space the bigger display gives you, it was always odd that widgets could only confine to a small sliver of screen. No more—you can now place widgets (which have gotten bigger on iPad) among and around the rest of your icons, giving you the ability to customize you home screen with more information and visuals than ever.

Multitasking also gets a nice little boost. While there aren’t any massive fundamental changes to Slide Over, Multi Window and Split View, Apple has made all of it much more accessible and easy to find. You can simply tap three dots in the top middle portion of the display to bring up the multitasking bar with shortcuts that allow you to initiate each view with ease.

The gestures to get all your apps in view are still there if you need them, but this is a boon if you’re more of a buttons person. Those who prefer to do much of their navigating on the Magic Keyboard will be happy to find new shortcuts to get around faster as well.

Quick Notes gives you quick, popup-style notepads to jot things down from within any app. With an Apple Pencil, you can swipe from the corner to pull up a new note for doodling, handwriting notes, and saving content such as images or webpage links. It’ll even allow you to link to any part of a page in Safari or specific views within supported apps, allowing you to get to the information you seek with a single tap.

Finally, one major change tucked into the MacOS Monterey portion of Apple’s keynote introduced a new Continuity feature called Universal Control which melds the iPad and Mac experience seamlessly. You can now use one keyboard and mouse for your iPad, iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini, and use the cursor or trackpad gestures to navigate between them all without ever having to use a switch mechanism.

Drag your cursor to the edge of one screen and you’ll be able to move over to the next one like magic. You can even drag and drop content and files from one device to the other as if you were working from the same machine. Combined with updated iCloud-powered features that keep all your Safari tabs, notes and photos synced up, the iPad can finally fit into your Mac workflow without having to behave like a Mac, something Apple has proven to be firmly against by now.

Other notable changes to iPadOS 15 include extension support in Safari, on-device translations with the new Translate app, the ability to create and deploy apps directly on the iPad with Swift Playgrounds, and more.

Where to buy the new ipad pro 2021

The new Apple iPad Pro with M1 landed on desks and hands everywhere May 28. Between chip shortages and high demand, Apple suffered some rough availability issues early on, particularly with the 12.9-inch XDR Pro Display model. As of writing, most configurations aren’t shipping from Apple until the second week of July. You’ll fare for an immediate delivery much better if you step down to the 11-inch model.

If you’re willing to step outside the garden, you may find much better stock at retailers like Best Buy, which has several iPad Pro models shipping within just a couple of days as opposed to Apple’s early July estimate. There’s a chance that Apple is being conservative with its estimates, however, so you can always take a chance on that rare early delivery.

One exception is with 1TB and higher models. Some partner retailers seem to be short on that particular bunch, while Apple can get one to you by late June. Wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T seem to be the slowest options—understandable considering it’s easier for most customers to order from a monetary standpoints thanks to device installment plans, which splits the cost over a number of your monthly bills.

No matter which you buy, you can equip them with up to 16GB of memory (only available on 1TB models and higher) and up to 2TB of storage. Prices on the 12.9-inch model price begin at $1,099, while the 11-inch model starts at $799. The only difference between the two is that the 11-inch iPad Pro lacks the new Pro XDR display.

Батарея ipad 9 (2021)

Планшет оснащен стандартным для 10,2-дюймовых устройств Apple аккумулятором емкостью 32,4 Вт∙ч и может работать 9-10 часов при просмотре видео или работы в интернете.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:Берут ли ваш iPhone или iPad, когда вы спите? Как проверить.

Дизайн и цвета ipad 9-го поколения (2021)

Внешний вид планшета совершенно не изменился — корпус габаритами 250,6 × 174,1 × 7,5 мм идентичен бюджетной модели 2020 года выпуска, если не брать во внимание разницу в несколько граммов веса устройства.

Доступны два варианта расцветки — серебристый и «Серый космос».

Расположение интерфейсных разъемов и элементов управления также сохранилось: кнопка Домой со сканером отпечатков пальцев ниже дисплея, разъемы Lightning и Smart Connector, кнопки питания и регулировки громкости остались на своих местах.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:Скрытый калькулятор, или как использовать Siri в решении примеров на iPhone и iPad.

Дисплей ipad 9 (2021)

Единственным обновлением экрана планшета стало появление технологии True Tone, в остальном это всё тот же Retina-дисплей диагональю 10,2 дюйма с матрицей разрешением 2160 × 1620 пикселей (264 ppi).

Стоит отметить, что новый iPad mini 2021 года выпуска уже оснащается экранами типа Liquid Retina с заметно более высоким качеством картинки (326 ppi).

iPad 9 поддерживает работу с Apple Pencil (1‑го поколения), а также с клавиатурой Smart Keyboard.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:iMessage и SMS, или почему сообщения в iPhone бывают синими и зелеными.

Камеры ipad 9 (2021)

Что касается основной камеры, то она по-прежнему имеет весьма скромные, по меркам 2021 года, показатели. Матрица разрешением 8 Мп и пятилинзовый объектив, способны снимать видео в HD-разрешении (1080p) и делать фотографии в режиме HDR.

Фронтальная камера, имевшая в предыдущей модели 2020 года выпуска заметно устаревшую матрицу разрешением 1,2 Мп, обновилась и теперь аналогична модели iPad mini 6 с разрешением 12 Мп.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:Как переключить текущий звонок с iPhone на iPad или Mac.

Комплект поставки ipad 9 (2021)

В отличие от iPad mini 2021 года выпуска, iPad 9-го поколения по-прежнему имеет разъем Lightning для зарядки и синхронизации данных, однако в комплекте присутствует кабель-переходник на USB-C и соответствующий 20-ваттный адаптер.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:Как включить вспышку (фонарик) при звонках и уведомлениях на iPhone.

Накопитель ipad 9 (2021)

Объем памяти доступных спецификаций iPad 9-го поколения вырос вдвое — до 64 ГБ и 256 ГБ в сравнении с 32 ГБ и 128 ГБ у предшественника.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:Как отправлять пароли через AirDrop на iPhone, iPad и Mac.

Процессор ipad 9 (2021)

Apple последовательно увеличивает производительность своих устройств. С выходом нового чипа A15 Bionic для флагманских девайсов, бюджетный планшет получил процессор A13, который заметно более производителен, чем A12 в прошлогодней модели. Это же касается графического процессора и системы Neural Engine.

♥ ПО ТЕМЕ:FaceTime аудио или как бесплатно звонить с iPhone или iPad.

Цена ipad 9 (2021) в россии

  • iPad 2021, 64 ГБ, Wi-Fi-версия — 30 990 руб
  • iPad 2021, 256 ГБ, Wi-Fi-версия — 44 990 руб
  • iPad 2021, 64 ГБ, Wi-Fi LTE — 42 990 руб
  • iPad 2021, 256 ГБ, Wi-Fi LTE — 56 990 руб

A closer look at the ipad pro 2021

We haven’t gotten our hands on the new iPad Pro to put it through its paces yet, but there’s little doubt that Apple’s strategy of injecting its high-performing M1 chip into its newest devices is going to make this iPad fast enough to be a bona-fide desktop replacement, especially when paired with Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

While the new iPad Pro looks very much like previous models, almost no part of it hasn’t been upgraded and enhanced for 2021. Case in point: For the first time in any tablet, ever, Apple has included a USB-C Thunderbolt port. That doesn’t just mean faster charging; it should allow for fast external storage that transfers up to 40Gbps, the ability to use external displays like the Pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution, and connect to other high-speed peripherals.

Apple has also moved the camera from the top of the iPad when it’s oriented in portrait mode to the side, so it’s on the top in landscape. This small change is enormously helpful for web conferencing and video calls. A new feature called Center Stage intelligently pans and zooms the view to keep you centered in the frame if you move around the room on a call and smartly position everyone in the frame if there’s more than one attendee.

The new iPad finally gets 5G as well. If you live in a region that’s well-served by the newest wireless tech, you can get Wi-Fi-like speeds with 5G’s millimeter wave technology.

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