‎App Store: DMX Connect

‎App Store: DMX Connect Ipad

‎dmx dip

DMX Dip allows you to easily calculate the correct address setting on your fixture.
DMX Dip saves you valuable time, you don’t have to calculate what dip switches you have to set to put your fixture on an address. Typing three numbers into the app is much faster than calculating all that binary numbers in your head.
The reverse operation is also possible, just use the dip switches in the app like you would use real-life switches, and DMX Dip tells you exactly for which address the fixture is configured.

The offset feature comes in handy if you have to address the same fixture over and over again. Need to address two dozen LED-PARs? Set the offset to 4 and with the press of a single button you get all those addresses in no time.


1. Description
DMX24.4i is a software running on iPad, and mainly used to adjust the parameters of DigitalMixer24.4. It can respond synchronically for operation change of DigitalMixer device and display in DMX24.4i.
2. Features
•Support 24 channels 48V and Input Digital adjustment
•Support 24 input(CH1-24), 5 main output(Sub1-Main), 8 Aux output(Aux1-8), 2 effects(FX1,FX2) and the parameter adjustment of 45 channels in total
•Support two independent effectors adjustment
•Support GEQ adjustment of two different sampling rates 48K/96K
•Support bus adjustment of 45 channels(AuxMixer)
• Support channel, GEQ, effector, scene preset save(the device or local file), load(from device or file) and deletion
•Support parameter duplication of one to more channels among any channel
Channel parameters include Balance, Phase, Delay, Gate, Compressor, Bus Sends (line) and Assign Allocation
• Support user custom and save of channel name
• Support multi DigitalMixers and multi users operate synchronically
•Support faders enabled or disabled status on the system page
•Support move together when two channel links
•Support recall from the lasted saved scene presets directly.

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* iPad with iOS7.0 or above.
* a wireless router.
* DigitalMixer24.4(for control)

‎led dmx

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‎photon — dmx light controller

Photon, the next generation of professional user friendly DMX lighting console perfect for night­clubs, musicians, live events, filmmakers, theaters…

Wireless (Art-Net or sACN through WIFI) and easy to use, Photon reinvents the way to control DMX devices with its single interface for all your lights.

Indeed, combine multiple presets to a sequence and synchronize your lights to music. Our beat tracker listens and animates your devices to the rhythm of the music. Live events will have no more secret for you.

Features of the free version:
— Multi-touch interface designed and optimized for the iPad.
⁃ Light group management. Associate multiple lights together to perform similar controls (colors, positions, brightness …).
— Classic DMX console for sophisticated controls (gobos/fog/focus…)
⁃ Managing scenes. Create and play animations/effects on your lights.
⁃ Smart color manager.
⁃ Art-Net /sACN / DMX output channel analyzer.
⁃ Complete control of an Art-Net universe with 512 channels.
⁃ Art-Net in multicast or unicast.
⁃ sACN in multicast or unicast.
⁃ Database with hundreds of pre-configured devices (fixtures).
— Fixture creator to configure your custom devices.

Features of the in-app purchase:
⁃ Sound analyzer : sync your lights to music.
⁃ Multi scene / multi group sequencer. Combine multiple cues to a sequence and animate it.
⁃ Edit your sequences as in a video editor with the timeline.
⁃ Automatic, manual or semi-automatic beat control for the sequencer.
— Ableton Link support : Sync lights animations with your favorite DJ app or musical instrument. Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network for a perfect synchronization between lights and music.
⁃ Management of the animation curve in/out.
— Background mode

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* Requires an Art-Net (or sACN) Bridge to DMX. Photon is based on the open lighting architecture (open lighting project).
** Purchase of the «Sequencer» with the in-app purchase

‎wifi dmx controller

1. With built-in WiFi and W-DMX module
2. Support DMX and W-DMX control
3. Support RDM search and control
4. Support common channel mode control of RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA, RGBWA UV
5. Convenient for group control
6. Support Built-in macro effects and Custom scenarios
7. Support timing playback function

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