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Gather feedback in your store, business, restaurant, food truck, or even on a boat. With Delighted Kiosk you can quickly and easily gather feedback from your customers.

It’s super simple to use, simply enter your Delighted Kiosk code or scan the QR code and your iPad will be setup and ready to start gathering feedback.


kiOSk is a place where you can find information. For now, this includes your phone contacts with convenient controls and icons to call, message and email anyone on your phone.

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Please note that this app is designed to run on iPad Pro 12.9 inch only.

○ The Region’s First AI-Driven Kiosk is here. ○

Self-order kiosk is the future of restaurants, fast food chains and retailers. Self-learning kiosk that understands guest behaviour and preferences are the ‘secret weapon’ for successful Smart Restaurant. TabSquare’s SmartKiosk can deliver success thanks to our powerful Smart upselling, cross-selling and promotion that can generate over 30% higher sales. From the front-facing menu to the recommendation engine which use AI technology to help guests select meals based on their eating preferences. SmartKiosk recognises each and every guest simply by pulling their phone number, offering an enhanced, hassle-free guest experience. Beyond the kiosk, simple integration with major POS systems and payment solutions, makes the dining experience at your fingertips.

○ Intelligent self learning

• Dynamic Menu Engineering capabilities
• Recommendation engine — Smart Cross-selling & Up selling
• Smart Promotion engine

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○ Super Customer Experience

• Personalised customer interface
• Quick reordering feature
• 1-to-1 marketing capabilities

○ Easy Adoptions & management

• Integration with leading POS systems
• Cloud-based online menu management
• Robust business intelligence and data analytics reporting

○ Super Sleek & Super Fast

• Small Footprint Mobile Kiosk
• High-sensitivity touch screen for dynamic, interactive experience
• Supports Tap & Pay / QR code

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