‎App Store: Netboom Game

‎App Store: Netboom Game Ipad

‎einee — top 10 games for 2021

Einee lets you talk to cartoon versions of famous real-life people. Why do we have rainbows? What’s the White House like? Use Einee to ask Einstein and Donald Trump. They can tell you all about it!

«I would totally recommend this» — Adele Hicks
«Not just funny but also historically accurate» — Stacey Walton

Learn from EINSTEIN.
Chat all night with MARILYN MONROE.

Learn about celebrities’ childhoods and life in their days. Get to know people you never could before.

— Talk to Einstein, Donald Trump, Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marilyn Monroe, and Napoleon
— 50,000 messages written using machine learning and labour-intense human correction
— Play-first, the app is highly gamified (character animations, character sounds, trophies, coins)
— Full of educational material that is easy and fun to grasp
— Daily push notifications with interesting fun facts of our 6 characters

Einee gets regular updates based on the feedback that you provide. If you have feature ideas, or you find bugs, please write us.

Not only do we listen to you, but we will also give you a treat if we use your feedback 😀

‎fun games for kids free

This app contains 6 free games designed for children to have fun playing, but surely all the family enjoys playing 🙂

Enjoy with this free game for kids!


I love the idea of the GameFly service. I have saved a ton of money not buying games but renting them from GameFly. I use the 2 games out at a time (the intro discount version).

But once the discount runs out, you then have to pay $25 instead of $15. That is ridiculous, considering that you have to rely on the USPS to get your games. It has taken two weeks for GameFly to receive my game several times. And you are screwed out of that time. That means you’re paying all that money for nothing. The average turn around for a game is a week. You put it in the mailbox, it usually takes 4/5 days for GameFly to receive it (NOT including Sunday’s), and 4/5 days to get it a new game. That is OVER A WEEK of service you are PAYING for. That is absolutely Ridiculous. They are charging you assuming that you are going to enjoy every game you receive, but that’s just not the case.

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Now if the price was $15 for the 2 game plan, it would be a 5 star rating. If it was even $19, it would be a 4 star rating because that is still a bit much, but more reasonable. But this service is $25 after the trial period. I wish I could keep this service, but I can’t justify paying for a service when you don’t have games half the month.

‎match them! (hd)

Improve your memory by playing with animals, letters, countries, musical instruments, sports and robots!

«Match Them» allows children and adults alike to discover animals, the countries of the world, the letters of the alphabet, vehicles, musical instruments or sports and robots while having fun: they improve their memory while listening to the cries of animals, the names of countries, the pronunciation of letters, the sound of machines and robots or the melody of instruments…

«Match Them» is completely free and without advertising; it offers:
— 7 graphic worlds
— dozens of drawings
— an original music
— animal songs and cries
— an intelligible pronunciation of the names of countries and the letters of the alphabet
— engine noise
— instrument melodies
— sports sounds
— and even robot noises (R2D2 visited us!)
— games of 16, 24 or 48 cards

Available in French and English.

‎maybe: interactive stories

Maybe: Interactive Stories is the HOTTEST new romance app where YOU star in the story! We team up with top authors, famous webtoon creators, and never-before-seen stars to bring you the best role-playing games, every week!
Choose your story and fall in love with a new adventure in genres like: Sweet & Steamy Romance, Fantasy, LGBT Love Stories, Drama, Young Adult, Action, and more!

— Download the app today to enjoy FREE romance stories where YOU decide what happens!
— Each interactive chapter features fantastic illustrations, exciting choices, and lifelike animated characters to fall in love with!
— Create YOUR character to come to life in a brand-new story game!
— YOU choose what to say, who to fall for, and how to make them yours.
— The path and ending of YOUR story will change based on your choices!

— Maybe’s episodes are jam-packed with exciting twists and turns!
— Romance stories have NEVER been steamier!

Let’s have your first one be to dive headfirst into the world of Maybe: Interactive Stories!

◆ Current stories include:

Royal Blood — Hit Vampire Romance Series
-Your long lost father reappears and invites you to join the secret life of vampires, where you meet three attractive yet dangerous vampire brothers.
-You find out your special power and the fate of all vampires are in your hands.
-Who will you choose out of the three handsome vampires? Find your own ending to the story!

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Perfect Partner — Steamy Contractual Relationship Hit Series
You’re the competent CEO of your own company. You meet John at a club and feel something you’ve never felt before with another person. When you see him again as your secretary, you settle on double contracts: one for employment, and the other for being «partners.»
Between your dangerously hot secretary and your bad-boy childhood friend, who will you choose? Find out your own ending to the romance!

The Tyrant’s Bodyguard — LGBT Series
The Empire is governed by a constitutional monarchy. You work as a bodyguard, and you get the chance to guard the crown prince. What happens when you’re thrown into a plot to destroy the monarchy?
The fate of the Empire as you know it is in your hands. Will you be able to guard the Empire and the man who gives up everything for you?

Lady In Armour — Rebirth Fantasy Knight Series
You become a knight to avenge your family, but you are tragically killed by your enemy. The moment you accept your death, you’re thrown back in time to when you lived as a lady. You now have a chance to take revenge with your sword again.
The Crown Prince Carlisle, with the secrets of a dragon, and Kuhn, the mysterious assassin—with the help of these two men, can you safely protect your family?

Flirting Island — Your Story of a Lifetime
-When you’re fired by your boss, the bachelor CEO offers you an opportunity to win your job back, and make a tidy sum as a bonus.
-You have to join a love reality show and do your best to romance him for the audience’s pleasure!
-Will you do your job, or will you aim to be a couple that who’s love isn’t just for the cameras?

◆ Maybe: Interactive Stories Official Community
Join Maybe’s Official Community and be the first to learn what’s going on and what’s coming up!

Note Maybe: Interactive Stories is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.
Maybe is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money.

— Please read our privacy policy at
— By playing Maybe: Interactive Stories, you agree to our terms of service https://cinamongames.com/service_en.html

‎mk games: сборник крутых игр

Лучшие Оффлайн игры; головоломки, стратегии, три в ряд, tower-defense — все это и многое другое реализовано в нашем сборнике игр без интернета .

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MK Games — это популярные игры, интересные игры, более того бесплатные игры:

«Три в ряд» — Головоломки
Интересные игры «три в ряд» — оффлайн игры (игры без интернета). Головоломки 3 в ряд: сияют кристаллы, играет музыка и так далее, пока головоломки не будет завершены. Бесплатные игры в жанре «три в ряд», в которых все очень динамично и весело.

Стратегии, как и всякая игра стратегия, требует от вас способности держать в голове и в поле зрения сразу множество объектов. Игра как tower-defense сложна, но увлекательна! Меткость, ловкость, ламповый дизайн и уютное настроение — все что нужно для отличной стратегии!

«Bomberman» — аркадная игра
Перед вами – популярная аркада, где герой выполняет Очень Важную Миссию. Бесплатные оффлайн игры, аркады просты и обаятельны. В них добрый юмор побеждает всё. И «Bomberman» не исключение. Конечно, потребуется ловкость, ведь противники не дремлют. Они так и норовят вас уничтожить! Но мы уверены, что ваш герой всё преодолеет.

«Игра в слова»
Иногда хочется спокойного и даже интеллектуального отдыха. Тогда на помощь приходят словесные игры без интернета. Словесная игра – это отдых для души, можно не думать ни о чём, кроме букв. Бесплатные игры помогут хорошо провести время!

Скачай наши бесплатные игры: стратегии, головоломки, аркады, три в ряд, tower-defense и «в слова» в одном приложении, играй сам и делись ими, чтобы играть с друзьями!

Наша команда постоянно следит за программным обеспечением и регулярно обновляет приложение, по всем вопросам и предложениям вы можете обратиться по адресу: manager@mk-games.ru

‎mr. hopp’s playhouse 2

A young girl needs to find her friends, unravel a dark mystery and escape the clutches of her cursed toys.

At Blacklands Manor Orphanage, three toys arrive in a donation box for Esther and her two friends Molly and Isaac. They call the tiger toy Mr. Stripes, the panda toy Miss Bo and the rabbit toy Mr. Hopp. Not long after, Molly and Isaac disappear and a mystery begins to unravel around the three toys, as well as a dark history of the town of Blacklands.

A Survival-Horror 2D side scroller pixel art experience, the prequel story to Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 1.

‎age of dragon legends — free flying game for ipad

◇ Dragons are born to fly! Launch your winged beast into the sunset sky to reach the next castle — before time runs out!

◇ Escape now into this beautiful, hypnotic fairytale kingdom!

◆ Unlock different dragons
◆ Multiplayer—race FB friends or other players!
◆ Unlock Power-Boosts, Level-Skips
◆ Collect gems for bonus points

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