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Беспроводная передача файлов между iPhone, iPad, ПК и любым другим близлежащим устройством (смартфоном или планшетом), не загружая их в Облако.

• Два способа передачи:

(1) С использованием веб-страницы: делитесь файлами между вашим iPhone/iPad и любым другим устройством с любой ОС, используя веб-страницу приложения и любой веб-браузер.

Таким образом, вы можете загрузить выбранные файлы с вашего iPhone/iPad на ПК или смартфон. И вы также можете загружать файлы с компьютера или смартфона на iPhone/iPad.

Веб-страница размещается приложением на вашем iPhone/iPad внутри вашей WiFi сети.

(2) Обменивайтесь файлами между устройствами iOS без использования веб-браузера.

• Передача фотографий и видео в оригинальном размере.

• Воспроизведение музыки: Полученные аудиофайлы можно воспроизводить во встроенном mp3-плеере приложения. Вы также можете создавать плейлисты песен или аудиокниг.

• Метаданные фотографий сохраняются при их отправке/получении (EXIF, местоположение и т.д.).

• Ваши файлы передаются напрямую с устройства на устройство в пределах вашей локальной сети WiFi. Они никогда не хранятся на каком-либо промежуточном сервере.

• Бесплатная передача любого количества файлов любого размера.

• Не требуется регистрация/авторизация.

• Отправляйте или принимайте файлы на реально большой скорости.

• Приложение крайне простое в использовании.

‎forticlient 6.0

FortiClient App includes the following features:

SSLVPN: allows you to create a secure SSL VPN «Tunnel Mode» connection between your apple device and FortiGate. Your connection will be fully encrypted and all traffic will be sent over the secure tunnel.

Web Filter: allows you to enforce web category filtering for traffic originating from any browser.

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The FortiClient App also supports:
— 2-factor authentication using FortiToken
— Client Certificates

**** Compatibility ****

Requires iOS 9.0.0 and above, support iPhone, iPad and iPod.

FortiOS v5.2, v5.6 and v6.0 are supported.

Note: Please download the new FortiClient App for FortiOS 6.2 .

‎ftpmanager — ftp, sftp client

FTPManager is a fully featured FTP client that allows you to access files on FTP servers. Directly access and manage remote files, edit text files. Stream videos and music to your iPhone/iPad. Transfer files between iPhone/iPad and FTP server.

* Access FTP (FTP over TLS) server.
* Access SFTP (SSH) server

* Copy, move, rename and delete files.
* Stream music and videos from FTP server to iPhone/iPad.
* Sort and search files
* Copy files among FTP servers, iPhones, iPads.
* In-App FTP Server: Transfer files between computer and iPhone/iPad over WiFi.
* Dark Mode
* Multiple windows on iPad

* File Transfer:
Copy files among servers, cloud storages, iPhone and iPad.
Copy photos between iOS photo library and servers.
Backup photos from iOS photo library to servers.
Sync files between iPhone/iPad and servers.
Transfer files by drag and drop.
Nearby file transfer: Directly transfer files between two nearby iOS devices without Wi-Fi or LTE connection.

* Code Editor:
Syntax highlight (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc)
Full text search
Keyboard extension
Themes (Default, Midnight, Dawn etc)

* Supported File Formats:
Text: TXT, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS ect.
Photo: JPG, PNG, GIF, CR2, NEF, ARW, DNG etc.
Music: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE etc.
Video: MOV, MP4

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The free version can only create one connection with your FTP server. If you need create more connections, please purchase the Pro version.

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‎itunes remote

English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

‎megaphone: voice amplifier

Megaphone is a must-have app for your iPhone or iPad.

Megaphone instantly transforms your iPhone or iPad into a microphone when you connect it to external speakers. With crystal-clear sound and easy setup, you can make yourself heard in minutes.

Simply connect your iPhone or iPad to external speakers via the headphone jack or lightning port. Then launch Megaphone, start speaking and you’ll hear your voice amplified through the speakers, loud and clear.

If you’re using wireless speakers, upgrade to Megaphone Pro and pair your iPhone or iPad with your speakers over Bluetooth. Once your device is paired, you can stream your voice to the speakers and say your piece.

Whether you’re making a speech at a party or a wedding, or addressing a room of people at work or at school, Megaphone is the easiest way to amplify your voice. No need to hire a microphone or PA system again.

And if you’re using a PC without a microphone, Megaphone is a simple and inexpensive way to add a mic to your PC setup so you can add add voiceover to videos, record podcasts with crystal-clear sound or add commentary to games.

With Megaphone Pro, you can stream your voice to a second iOS device or an Apple TV over Wi- Fi, then connect the second device to external speakers for a truly wireless experience. Simply download the free version of Megaphone on the second device and ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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Key features:

• Crystal-clear sound quality
• Connect to wired speakers
• Connect to Bluetooth speakers*
• Connect to speakers via AirPlay*
• Stream your voice to a second iOS device over Wi-Fi*
• Stream your voice to an Apple TV*
• Run Megaphone in the background*
• Ad-free usage*
• Dark Mode*

* Requires Megaphone Pro, available via in-app purchase. Apple TV streaming requires Apple TV fourth-generation or later.

‎portsip softphone

PortSIP Softphone is a SIP-based softphone for iPhone that uses Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE connection to make and receive calls and Instant Messages.

Interworking with PortSIP PBX, PortSIP Softphone support push notification, which allows it receive calls and messages even it was force terminated.

By using iPhone’s existing contact list, PortSIP Softphone facilitates easy and effective communication management with an intuitive interface which accommodates multiple calls. Call functionality includes the ability to switch between two calls, merge and split calls and perform attended and unattended transfers. It also supports video conference which needs MCU support.

PortSIP Softphone incorporates advanced security settings which allows for secure call signaling and audio encryption.

It supports up to 1080P video call with H.264 and VP8 codec, and supports HD audio call. Codecs offered includes: G.279, G.711a/u, Opus, AMR, AMR-WB, G.722.1, iLBC, GSM, SPEEX-WEB.

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