‎Бег нормативы on the App Store

‎Бег нормативы on the App Store Ipad

‎бег и ходьба

If you still managed to overcome yourself and seriously decided to take care of your health, pull yourself up, lose weight, it is probably easiest to start with walking, because for this you almost always have everything you need. But what is best for you, maybe running or cycling, with this in the end your experience, your coach, or your doctor, with whom it is better to consult before starting training, will help you to decide.
The proposed application, using GPS sensors and navigation of your device, will help you track your training parameters with high accuracy, such as time, speed, distance, and then calculate the calories burned. You can also track your path on a real map of the area, as well as analyze your speed at different segments of the distance using automatic color marking of the distance traveled.
You can also save training results, accumulate general statistics for each type (walking, running, cycling), and then compare the results for a month and by months.
Workout information is displayed on the Apple Watch screen, so you no longer need to take out your phone. The screen displays the workout time, distance covered, average pace and calories burned.
With an Apple Watch, workout information is displayed on the screen so you don’t need to take out your phone. The screen displays the workout time, distance traveled, average pace and calories burned, as well as your heart rate.
Besides Apple Watch, you can use any heart rate monitor that uses BlueTooth Low Energy technology from all well-known manufacturers — Polar, Garmin, Whoop, Suunto, Wahoo and others as a source of heart rate data.
The app also allows you to monitor and analyze your heart rate zones during your workout to help you get the most out of your workout and achieve your goals and objectives. For example, there is an aerobic zone in which fat is burned — training within it will bring a fat burning effect and a competent decrease in body weight. Developing zones are also determined, which allow to achieve an increase in speed-power indicators. Your cardiovascular system may experience “discomfort” when exercising in non-“own” heart rate zones. Remember that physical activity can bring not only benefits, but also harm, especially if it is chosen illiterately. In general, monitoring and analyzing your heart rate, both during serious workouts and during normal walking or cycling, can be very useful for monitoring and analyzing the state of your cardiovascular system and maintaining good health.
This application is developed for informational purposes only. Before starting training, you should consult with your doctor.
The application does not require a subscription to all existing options and provides all services in one package. The app does not contain any ads.
Follow the news! Enjoy your workouts!

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Note: Continued use of the GPS function in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life of your device.

‎бег нормативы

Ходьба, бег разряды и спортивные звания.

Программа предоставляет удобный интерфейс для работы с единым всероссийским классификатором норм выполнения спортивных разрядов и спортивных званий бегунами и ходоками.

Если вы хотите знать с каким временем вам нужно бежать, идти, чтобы получить спортивный разряд или спортивное звание по бегу или ходьбе эта программа будет вам весьма кстати.

Справочник содержит нормы по следующим видам:
— Бег.
— Бег на шоссе (полумарафон, марафон,100 км, суточный).
— Эстафетный бег.
— Бег с препятствиями.
— Кросс.
— Ходьба.
— Барьерный бег.

Все звания и разряды разбиты по видам и дистанциям.

В случае каких-либо правок в ЕВСК будут выпущены обновления.

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