‎Doodle Buddy Draw for iPad on the App Store

‎Doodle Buddy Draw for iPad on the App Store Ipad

‎doodle buddy draw for ipad

Doodle Buddy is for everyone — from the serious artist to someone just starting out.

• Draw on your pics or dozens of included backgrounds.
• Over 1400 stamps 🙂 to decorate your drawings and pics.
• Smudge works just like your finger on chalk, but your fingers don’t get dirty!
• Stencils make it easy to draw perfect circles, squares, triangles or even intricate snowflakes.

If you think you suck at drawing, try Doodle Buddy. You’ll be surprised at the amazing stuff you can make. If you’re already into drawing, you’ll have fun with Doodle Buddy too. It’s a simple, artistic medium that’s not quite like anything else. Stretch yourself within its constraints, and see what you can make.

Doodle Buddy is where art meets fun.

‎paintpad — draw and have fun

Draw and have fun with this free drawing app.

Express yourself with «Paint Pad», a free drawing app for your iPhone or iPad.

Draw shapes in any colour by selecting the appropriate colour via the colour palette. If you need to correct something, the reset button is a tap away!

Reset any time you want via the reset button.

‎super simple draw

Minimalist drawing app. Supports Apple Pencil (new & old), widgets, both portrait & landscape, iPad multitasking, standard iOS share, the latest devices. Pick up & use. Like a white board or scratch paper.

• iOS 14 widget to show case the latest or favorite drawing on the home screen
• 2nd generation Apple Pencil double tap support
• Multi-window and multitasking support on iPadOS
• Original Apple Pencil support
• Grid background and lined background
• Draw on top of another picture
• Save square images for Instagram submission
• Draw in either landscape or portrait
• Undo and redo
• Standard iOS share/action button (copy, save, send to other messaging/social apps)

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Perfect for:
• Jotting down notes
• Illustrate something to friends/coworkers through drawing
• Draw/sketch something casually
• Tell stories to kids with quick illustrations
• Play quick random games with friends (e.g. draw and guess, or any simple board game you just invented)
• Practice some basic drawing skills (drawing straight line, parallel lines, circles, faces, etc)

Draw for a better world:
Super Simple Draw started as a way to reduce the use of papers because we believe that the current environmental degradation and the climate change are pressing issues that demand urgent actions. Now we took a step further: for every ~2000 lines you draw, we plant a tree through a partnership with Trees for the Future. More than ten thousand trees have been planted so far. Learn more at https://trees.theiosapp.com

‎infinite painter

Experience one of the best-designed painting, sketching, and drawing apps created for iPad and iPhone. Used by millions, this award-winning app brings a rich, powerful feature set to artists of all levels, whether art is your hobby, passion or career.

— Best-in-class pencils
— Minimal and intuitive interface
— Easily group layers
— Share Time-lapse recordings with your social networks
— Convert any stroke into an editable shape

— Hundreds of built-in brushes: Airbrushes, Calligraphy, Chalk, Charcoal, Glow, Lasso Fills, Pencils, Markers, Oil Paint, Paint Splatter, Spray Paint, Screentones, and Watercolor
— Realistic brush to canvas interaction
— Over 100 customizable settings for every brush
— Organize and share your favorite brushes and brush sets
— Designed for the Apple Pencil with full pressure and tilt support
— Apply real-time color adjustments and live filters to any brush
— Sample lower layers when blending
— Import and export custom brushes and sets

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— More canvas, less clutter with a clean, customizable interface
— Assign finger functions separate from the Apple Pencil
— Expand and collapse layers with a flick
— Dock brushes and brush settings for quick, easy editing
— Quick access eyedropper
— Rotate and flip canvas
— Group layers with a pinch

— Pin tools and actions to the main interface
— Pull the color wheel right on the canvas with two fingers
— Add multiple reference images
— Lighting-fast saving and loading
— Step back in time with Project History

— Simple or complex symmetry with Radial or Kaleidoscope
— Draw with precision using Guides or Shapes
— Smart shape detection by pausing when drawing
— Innovative Hatching guide

— Design 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides or a standard 2D grid
— Drag Rectangle and Circle shapes in perspective

— Seamless pattern projects
— Selection tools: Lasso, Rectangle, Circle, Poly, Path, Wand, Brush, and Color Range
— Industry-leading Transformations
— Transform multiple layers at once
— Gradient and Pattern Fill tools
— Target separate layers or all layers with Fill tools
— Drag with Fill tool or Magic Wand for live tolerance adjustment
— Bring your painting to life with Time-lapse
— Canvas Navigator with flip and grayscale support (for proportions and value checking)
— Clone tool with offset
— Tools for pattern creation

— 64-bit color when painting
— Layer support with 30 blend modes
— Masks for layers, adjustments, and groups
— Clipping masks
— Gradient map, Color Curves, and Filter layers
— Industry-leading color correction
— Over 40 live Filters
— Focus and Tilt-shift masking
— Liquify
— Crop and Resize tool
— Pattern and Array tools
— Powerful selection workspace
— Photoshop®-like smart layers for multiple transformations without loss of quality
— Solo & Trace modes
— Print presets & CMYK color modes

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— Import from Photos, Camera, Clipboard, or Image Search
— Search over 1 million free for commercial-use images
— Export images as JPG, PNG, ZIP, layered PSD files, or Painter projects
— Share artwork to Infinite Painter’s ever-growing community and see what others are creating, #InfinitePainter

— 7 days to try out everything
— 3 layers at the device resolution
— Solid Fill, Lasso selection, Basic Transform and Symmetry
— Seamless pattern projects
— All the built-in brushes and brush editing
— Smart shape detection

— HD canvas sizes and tons of layers*
— Adjustments and live Filter layers
— Layer groups
— Layer masks
— Over 40 powerful, professional tools
* Maximum number of layers depends on the canvas size and your device

See what you can do.

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Fabián Gálvez
Adam Ford
Piotr Kann
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