Galaxy Note 8.0 vs. iPad mini

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The Note 8.0’s battery holds a bit more juice than the iPad mini’s. As always, though, remember that many other factors also determine actual battery life.


Screens are almost the same size, and neither offers mind-blowing resolution. The Note 8.0’s display is a bit sharper, at 189 pixels per inch (PPI).

Samsung hasn’t announced pricing yet for the Galaxy Note 8.0, but its less-than-stellar display could be a clue that it’s planning on staying in the same range as Apple’s US$330 tablet.


It’s easy to snicker at another conspicuously-similar Samsung product arriving hot on the heels of an Apple release. But the company is pitching its 8-inch tablet as more of a creative companion.

The center of this marketing angle is the Note’s stylus (S Pen). The stylus is integrated with Samsung’s software (Touchwiz layered over Android 4.1.2 Jellybean), so when you pull the stylus out, the Note automatically shifts into pen detection mode.

Android’s tablet app selection is improving, but here iOS is still King. On last check (several months ago), Apple had over 275,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store. Google Play’s selection often defaults to stretched-out phone apps. Fortunately, these will look a bit better on an 8-inch screen than on a 10-inch tablet.

Ipad mini против samsung galaxy note 8.0 [видео]

В воскресенье Samsung официально представила планшетный компьютер Galaxy Note 8.0 на платформе Google Android с 8-дюймовым экраном и возможностью совершать и принимать голосовые звонки, который призван составить конкуренцию iPad mini.

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Компактная версия самого популярного в мире планшета производства Apple появилась на рынке осенью прошлого года. Экран iPad mini имеет диагональ 7,9 дюйма и разрешение 1024 x 768 пикселей. В свою очередь, разрешение 8-дюймового дисплея Galaxy Note 8.0 составляет 1280 x 800 пикселей — таким образом, показатель плотности размещения точек (ppi) у планшета южнокорейского производителя несколько выше.

Согласно сообщению компании, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 получил 4-ядерный процессор с частотой 1,6 ГГц и 2 Гбайт оперативной памяти. Внутренняя память устройства имеет объем 16 или 32 Гб с возможностью расширения картами microSD. iPad mini работает на 2-ядерном процессоре Apple A5 с частотой 1 ГГц, располагает 512 Мб памяти и предлагается в модификациях с 16, 32 или 64 Гб памяти для хранения данных.

Камеры у iPad mini и Galaxy Note 8.0 для съемки фотографий и видеосвязи практически идентичные. Весит корейский планшет на 30 г больше, чем продукт Apple – 338 г. При этом модель Galaxy Note 8.0 с сотовым модулем позволяет использовать планшет в качестве мобильного телефона, совершая голосовые вызовы.

Price and selection: ipad mini

Apple may only make a few products, but each of their devices have multiple configurations to suit multiple needs. The iPad Mini is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, either Wi-Fi only or 4G LTE capable with a choice of carriers: Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or AT&T. It also comes in black or white. Prices start at $350 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version and go up to $430 and $530 for larger storage models. The 4G models start at $460 for 16GB and go up to $560 and $660.

There is just one Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 model available in the U.S. right now, a white, 16GB, Wi-Fi only model for $400. We expect that a 4G LTE version will eventually come to one of Samsung’s partner carriers, just as the Note 10.1 eventually did… many months later.

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In terms of value, the iPad Mini costs $50 less but doesn’t have the S Pen technology, IR blaster, or a micro SD card slot. We think these hardware extras make the Galaxy Note 8.0’s price reasonable in comparison.

Productivity: galaxy note 8.0

The Note 8.0’s major claim to fame is the S Pen stylus included. Coupled with the Wacom technology in the display, it allows owners to write, draw, and navigate the tablet with precision. The S Pen is pressure sensitive and has functionality above and beyond what a capacitive stylus (which works with any tablet) can offer. If you regularly work with documents, like to take handwritten notes, or want mouse-like precision for working with photo editing software like Photoshop Touch, the S Pen makes the Galaxy Note very desirable.

Specs and hardware: galaxy note 8.0

The iPad Mini has just on port beyond the headphone jack: the Lightning connector. Though it can’t connect to some older accessories without an expensive adapter, plenty of new ones are available now. Aside from Wi-Fi for wireless, there are 4G LTE iPad models available.


Samsung skipped a 16 GB model for the Note 8.0, but otherwise flash memory numbers are the same. The Note also has a microSD card slot, unlike Apple’s mini-tablet.

Winner: galaxy note 8.0 (ipad mini is a close 2nd)

Samsung created a jack of all trades with the Galaxy Note 8.0. It scores high marks for content creation and consumption and does a few tricks the iPad Mini can’t (not without help and extra expense, anyway). And thanks to a more robust Android app and media ecosystem than we had just a year ago, Note owners will hardly want for anything on the content side.

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However, the iPad Mini benefits from a healthy Apple ecosystem and is still king of tablet apps. You also have more choices when shopping for an iPad Mini, your budget being the only limitation.

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