iPad Restore Tool: Restore iPad without iTunes

iPad Restore Tool: Restore iPad without iTunes Без рубрики

Восстановите iPhone в режиме восстановления с помощью iTunes

Режим восстановления является распространенным вариантом восстановления iPhone для пользователей, у которых есть резервная копия iTunes. Если ваш iPhone уже в Режим восстановленияПосмотрите демонстрацию ниже.

iPod застрял в режиме восстановления

Шаг 1Переведите iPhone в режим восстановления.

iPhone 6 или более ранняя версия:

1. Выключите iPhone и затем удерживайте Главная кнопку.

2. Запустите iTunes на компьютере, а затем подключите iPhone к компьютеру. (Что делать, если iPhone не появляется на ПК.)

3. Отпустите кнопку, пока не увидите Подключение к iTunes экрана.

iPhone 7 и iPhone 7 Plus:

1. Выключите iPhone 7, затем нажмите и удерживайте Убавить звук кнопку.

2. Запустите iTunes на компьютере, а затем подключите iPhone к этому компьютеру.

3. Отпустите кнопку, пока не увидите Подключение к iTunes экрана.

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus или iPhone X: Поскольку iPhone 8 и более поздние версии не имеют физического Главная Кнопка, вы должны сделать, как показано ниже.

1. Настройте свой iPhone. Затем подключите iPhone к компьютеру с помощью USB-кабеля и запустите на компьютере последнюю версию iTunes.

2. Нажмите и отпустите объем Up И затем Volume Down кнопку.

3. Затем нажмите и удерживайте мощность кнопку, пока вы не увидите Подключение к iTunes экрана.

войти в режим восстановления

Шаг 2Убедитесь, что вы используете последнюю версию iTunes. Если iTunes уже открыт, закройте его. Подключите ваше устройство к компьютеру и запустите iTunes.

Шаг 3iTunes обнаружит, что у вашего устройства проблемы, и потребует его обновления или восстановления. выберите Обновить При первой попытке iTunes попытается переустановить iOS, не стирая ваши данные. Если загрузка заняла более 15 минут или не удалась, повторите шаги, но вместо этого выберите «Восстановить».

режим восстановления устройства ios на itunes

1how do you wipe a locked ipad clean?

You ought to have enabled the «Find My iPhone» feature on your iPad before it got stuck. If so, you can wipe locked iPad from iCloud. Even though you can also get software to wipe locked iPad, let’s first focus how to perform it via iCloud.

Как выйти из режима восстановления iPhone без потери данных

Другой вариант выхода из режима восстановления — использовать FoneLab iOS Восстановление системы который предназначен для восстановления ненормальной iOS, например, устройства iOS застревает в режиме DFU, режим восстановления iTunes, логотип Apple, режим наушников, черный экран, синий экран и т. д.

4 ways to wipe a locked ipad without password

If it pleases you to wipe your locked iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to factory settings, then go through these options to choose the one that would serve you better.

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4how do you reset a locked ipad without a computer?

Wipe locked iPad without a computer via iCloud Find My App. You will require another iDevice to receive an authentication code. Also, enable cellular or WiFi network connection on your iPad.

5how do i remove an activation lock without previous owner on ipad?

If your iPad is activation locked, it means that someone else’s iCloud account is still linked to it. You can use a professional iPhone Activation Lock Removal Software. This will bypass the «Find My iPhone» activation lock screen, without the previous owner’s password.

Back up and restore your itunes library on your pc

Before you transfer or restore your iTunes media library on your PC, consolidate it and create a back up.

Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information.

Check your hardware

If you see error 53, use these steps.

If you see one of the errors below, you might have a hardware issue:

  • 1, 3, 11, 12, 13, 16
  • 20, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 56
  • 1002, 1004, 1011, 1012, 1014, 1667, 1669

Here’s what to check. Try again after each step:

  1. If iTunes is already open, quit and reopen it.
  2. Check your third-party security software.
  3. Make sure that your USB cable, computer, and network are reliable. Then try twice more to restore your device.
  4. Check for outdated or modified software

If you still see the error, contact Apple Support.

Check your usb connections

If you see error 4005, 4013, or 4014, use these steps.

If you see one of the errors below, check your USB connection, USB cable, USB port, or computer:

  • 13, 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1611, 1643–1650
  • 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2009
  • An error that includes «invalid response»

Here’s what to check. Try again after each step:

  1. Use the USB cable that came with your device. If you don’t have it, try a different Apple USB cable. 
  2. Switch to a different USB port on your computer. Don’t plug into your keyboard.
  3. Switch to a USB port on a different computer.
  4. If you still see the error, check for other USB issues, check your third-party security software, then check your hardware.

If you still see an error, contact Apple Support.

Choose your error number or message

To learn what to do, choose your error:

How to wipe a locked ipad with apple id

You can wipe your locked iPad without passcode using iCloud’s Find My iPad feature. This method takes too long to complete and only works for those who have enabled this feature on their iPhone before now. Besides, you need to ensure your iPhone is connected to the internet.

If you can’t update to the latest version of macos

You can update to the latest version of iTunes (up to iTunes 12.8).

  1. Open the App Store on your Mac.
  2. Click Updates at the top of the App Store window.
  3. If any iTunes updates are available, click Install.
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Iphone recovery

No doubt, the pro version of iPhone Recovery has advanced features. But as compared to the other free version software available in the market, this tool has a lot more to offer in its list.

It helps you extract call history, media files, reminders, contact lists, songs, recordings, WhatsApp messages, Safari Bookmarks, etc. Like most of the software, you can recover the data in three simple steps.

Part 1: when should i restore my ipad?

In the first place, there are two definitions for the phrase «Restore iPad». One is that there is something wrong with the files on the iPad, and they need to be recovered with or without backup; and the other one is that the iPad itself is not functioning well, and should be reset to its original state.

Here’s a rundown of the occasions when you should restore the iPad:

  • Accidentally delete data on your iPad.
  • iPad is not running as fast as it used to be.
  • iPad doesn’t respond when touched.
  • iPad screen is freezing frequently.
  • iPad is infected with some virus.
  • iPad is unable to load particular programs.
  • You are to resell or donate your iPad.

Do these scenes seem familiar? OK, if you are undergoing one or more of them, just take a look at how to restore/reset iPad without iTunes below.

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Part 3: how to restore ipad without itunes via icloud

If you want to reset and restore iPad without iTunes for free, you can also do it directly on the iPad via iCloud. But please be aware that this will erase all the current files on your device, and overwrite the data with the extracted iCloud backup files. So it is advised to restore iPad with the above method in part 2, which would save you some trouble.

Here’s how to restore iPad without iTunes using iCloud:

Step 1. Reset your iPad before restoration. To do this, head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings. Then tap Erase iPad option on the pop-up window to confirm your action.

Step 2. At the sight of a new window of Set up your iPad, just select the Restore from iCloud Backup option.

Step 3. Finally, log in to the iCloud with your Apple ID and password. Then choose one iCloud backup from the list to start restoring iPad from iCloud backup.

Note: During the process, please keep connecting to a Wi-Fi network available.

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Part 4: how do i factory reset ipad without itunes?

There are, in a larger sense, two strategies to factory reset iPad without iTunes: hard reset and reset from Settings menu. And these two cases are suitable for different occasions. Let move ahead now.

Attention: Prior to resetting iPad without iTunes in these ways, you have to switch off Find My iPhone first: go to Settings > Device name > iCloud > Find My iPhone to disable it.

— Factory Reset iPad through Hard Reset without iTunes

Suppose your iPad is not working properly (as described in Part 1), and is what it was after a force restart, you can try hard reset. This should help you to get the device back to normal. (P.S. want to know: how to do if iDevice fails to restart? Just click here.)

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It is a simple and fast task with several minutes. But note that this procedure would wipe out your iPad data. So you’d better take a fresh backup of your iPad beforehand to ensure a lossless Pad after reset.

— Reset iPad without iTunes from Settings menu:

Assume your iPad is working properly as usual, and you just want to pass it to someone else after erasing the data on it, then just consider this means:

  • Unlock your iPad and head over to Settings > General.
  • Now, scroll down for Reset section, and then touch it.
  • Select Erase all Content and Settings option and confirm the action.

Now, you have to type in your iPad passcode as prompted from a dialog box, and then enter the Apple ID password to remove the account. Subsequently, the reset procedure should commence.

Forgot your iPad password? Click here to reset your iPad without passcode.


Syncios has one of the most pocket-friendly pro versions available in the market. This software mainly helps you with lost documents, images, videos, music, emails, archives, etc., lost data, water damage, and factory resets. It is a fundamental software as compared to some of the advanced ones listed above but is still very efficient in its work.

It has won hearts with easy its interface and reliable staff.

Check out this article for the Mac data recovery software.


This software is more versatile concerning the audience it caters to. It is available for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android as compared to Tenorshare, which is exclusively for iOS devices.

Знакомство с itunes для windows

Для навигации по iTunes используйте кнопки на панели навигации в верхней части окна iTunes. Чтобы изменить тип содержимого, выберите пункт «Музыка», «Фильмы», «Телешоу», «Подкасты» или «Аудиокниги» из всплывающего меню в левом верхнем углу.

Final words

As for restoring iPad without iTunes. Before you do it, here’s a suggestion: figure out the specific scenario your iPad is encountering first.

For instance, if you need to recover lost data from a fully functional iPad, Doctor for iOS is, undoubtedly, the most practical and secure choice; provided something goes wrong with your iPad itself, then hard reset can be an alright means; and if you only intend to resell or donate your device, just factory reset it from its Settings menu.

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I hope the above data recovery tools help you back up your data and avoid any hassles in the future. Having data recovery software not only helps you in personal stuff but professionally as well, so be sure to utilize them.

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