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Файловый менеджер №1

«With iFile, all file reading and actions are located in one single app.» -> cultofmac.com

«For iFile being offered for $1.99 is a decent deal. It is a very useful and handy app» -> theiphoneappreview.com

«iFile svolge il suo lavoro di file manager egregiamente» -> ispazio.net


iFile — многофункциональный файловый менеджер для iOS, сочетающий в себе полноценную работу с файлами, мощный браузер, приятный плеер, а также просмотрщик всех известных типов файлов.

Возможность настраивать управление мультитач-жестами делает работу с приложением приятнее и быстрее.

Универсальное приложение — поддержка экранов как iPad, так и iPhone, включая новое разрешение iPhone 5.

Коротко обо всех особенностях:
Типы читаемых файлов:
— MS Office: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx
— iWork: numbers, keynote, pages
— Текст: txt, rtf, rtfd и другие
— Музыка: mp3, aif, aiff, m4a, m4r, wav, caf, aac
— Изображения: png, gif, jpg, tiff, tif, bmp, bmpf, cur, ico, xbm и другие
— Видео: mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v, mpeg4, mpv
— Исходный код: c, cc, ccp, h, m, htm, html, xml, php и другие
— Архивы: zip, ipa, rar

Возможности файлового менеджера:
— Копирование/перемещение/переименование/сжатие/удаление и сортировка файлов
— Передача файлов по Bluetooth и WiFi (через Веб-сервер)
— Расшаривание файлов по почте, в iCloud и Dropbox, а также в другие приложения
— Сохранение изображений и видео в галерею
— Отображение миниатюр изображений
— Просмотр доступной файловой системы

— Удобное отображение страниц
— Быстрый рендеринг
— Моментальная навигация по страницам
— Закладки страниц
— Миниатюры страниц
— Возможность печати и отправки по почте

Импорт и экспорт файлов:
— USB (через iTunes)
— iCloud и Dropbox
— Веб-сервер по Wi-Fi
— Bluetooth с устройства на устройство
— iPod-библиотека вместе с ID3-тегами и обложкой
— Фото-галерея и фото-поток

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Встроенный браузер:
— Смена юзер-агента на предложенный или кастомный
— Закачка любых файлов
— Многопоточное скачивание с возможностью поставить скачивания на паузу, а затем продолжить с остановленного места
— Поддержка скачивания в бекграунде
— Закладки и история
— Установка домашней страницы
— Интеграция с iCloud и Dropbox
— Omnibox (опционально)
— Приватный режим (опционально)
— Safari Bookmarklet

Дополнительные возможности:
— Настраиваемые мультитач-жесты
— Поддержка локальных уведомлений

Также смотрите видео-обзор приложения: http://bit.ly/iFileYoutube

‎inspect browser

Web development tools for iOS.

Inspect is a web inspector for iOS that provides desktop-class developer tools, right in the app. No need for remote debugging, connecting to a desktop, proxies, or remote systems.

Included are:
— JavaScript console.
— HTML element inspection and editing (with live preview).
— CSS inspection and editing (with live preview).
— View element details: CSS rules, JavaScript properties, dimension statistics, and more.
— Open files and folders from other apps (like Working Copy), or from iCloud to test locally.
— Network panel, displaying page headers and XHR requests.
— Responsive design tools: View your site with a variety of mobile and desktop sizes and orientations, including support for custom sizes and user agents.
— Cookies, local storage, and session storage inspector and editor.
— Resource graph.
— View raw page source.
— Control over browser operation: disable JavaScript, cache, and clear cache and cookies to test various operations and states.
— Save a screenshot of your site, including the ability to save the full page.


Scriptable is an automation tool that enables you to write scripts that integrates with native features of iOS such as files, calendars, reminders, documents and much more.

An extensive support for widgets enables you to write your own widgets using JavaScript and run the scripts on your Home Screen. Your widgets can show any data and be customised to look just the way you want.

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With Siri Shortcuts you can present images, tables and more in Siri as well as making Siri read out loud a text when you run a script from a Siri Shortcut.

There’s a growing gallery of scripts to get you started with Scriptable.

Here’s a few examples of scripts you can create:

— Ask Siri whether a web service is down.
— Create a widget that shows data from your weather station.
— Postpone the next event in your calendar half an hour.
— Check what is currently on TV.
— Manage a list of movies you would like to watch.
— Upload files to an image optimizer and store a URL to the optimized image.
— Receive a notification with the weather report every morning.
— Create todos with prefilled data in your favorite todo app using URL schemes.

Features include:

— Write and run JavaScript.
— Auto complete of variable names, functions, keywords and properties as you type.
— Access lots of native iOS features from your JavaScript code, including managing files, calendars, reminders, contacts, photos, location, pasteboard, web views and more.
— Create your own widgets. Your scripts run on the Home Screen without needing to open the app.
— Siri Shortcuts enabling you to present images, tables, websites, HTML and more in Siri as well as making Siri read out loud a text.
— Support for input and output parameters in Siri Shortcuts.
— Easily schedule rich notifications to run your scripts periodically.
— Work with files and directories from third party apps using File Bookmarks.
— Synchronise scripts to all of your devices using iCloud Drive.
— Scripts are stored as plain JavaScript files and can be browsed using the Files app.
— Assign one of over 800 glyphs and a color to a script to easily identify it in your directory of scripts.
— Run scripts directly on your Home screen using widgets.
— Run a script by 3D touching the app icon.
— Run a script from a share sheet and process the inputs.
— Schedule notifications and run a script directly from a notification.
— URL schemes enabling you to run scripts from other apps.
— Support for x-callback-url enabling advanced integration with other apps that support x-callback-url.
— Export and share scripts.
— Example scripts helping you get started creating your own scripts.
— Extensive documentation for all the native APIs you can use in your scripts. Available offline in the app and online on docs.scriptable.app.
— View the documentation in a separate window on iPad.
— Support for dark mode.
— Customise the editor to your liking.

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‎wedj for ipad

It’s easy to start mixing on the intuitive app, which inherits hardware traits including a two-channel user interface with waveforms, jog wheels, play/cue buttons, tempo sliders and crossfader.
You can use the Sync button to get your tracks perfectly in time and Auto Gain to automatically set the volume to the right level, leaving you free to use the performance features including Hot Cues, loops, Pad FX and Combo FX to make your mix unique. There’s even an Automix feature to mix tracks at the touch of a button. And to take your WeDJ performances to the next level, you can connect the new DDJ-WeGO4 controller for tactile control of the app’s features.

* WeDJ for iPad is not available Apple Music.

◇Colourful animated user interface for intuitive control
◇Performance features for endless creativity
◇“DDJ-WeGO4” and “DDJ-WeGO3” support for tactile control
◇Flexible layout – Choose the layout you like best, with two options for jog wheel position and displaying waveforms horizontally or vertically.
◇Automix – Press the Automix button and WeDJ will start mixing in the next track automatically.
◇Record – Capture your performances within the WeDJ app.

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