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Можно ли заказать iPad? — Да, можно.

Доставка осуществляется только в Россию? — Нет, во все страны.

Apple ipad mini 4

Можно ли заказать iPad Mini 4? — Да, можно.

Доставка осуществляется только в Россию? — Нет, во все страны.

Ipad 10.2-inch

iPad comes with powerful Apple-designed apps like Photos, Maps, Messages, Apple News, Mail, and Safari. And with over a million apps on the App Store designed just for iPad, you’ll find the right app for anything you want to do. Make a beat, get a workout in, read the news, or join a battle royale with friends.

Discover apps for iPad on the App Store

Ipad deals

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The 2020 8th generation iPad offers up the same entry level pricing as its 2021 predecessor but boosts your processing power to run as much as 40% faster than previous models. That means you’re getting plenty of value for money here, and we’d generally suggest those shopping on the cheaper end of the spectrum go for this model.

The 2020 iPad price sits at $329 / £329 / AU$499 for 32GB of storage in a WiFi model, with 128GB setting you back $429 / £429 / AU$649. We’ve already seen iPad deals hitting the newest release as well, with a $299 sales price in the US sitting particularly well.

Grab this cheap iPad if you’re primarily looking to browse the web, play some games, take notes or stream content.

The 2021 model is now discontinued, and if you do find it on the shelves, it seems to be more expensive than the newer version.

Ipad pro deals

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The latest iPad Pro offers up the excellent performance of Apple’s stunning M1 chip. With that particularly impressive brain at the helm you’ll be zipping through games, AR, and more demanding apps with incredible speed. Apple estimates that the 8-core processor will offer up a 50% jump in performance over 2020’s model, with a 40% boost in GPU performance as well.

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While the 11-inch doesn’t offer the XDR display (you’ll need to upgrade to the 12.9-inch model for that), you’re still getting the larger 2TB storage option which is the largest we’ve seen on an iPad to date. If you do opt for all the space, it’s worth noting that the 1TB and 2TB models also offer double the RAM, up to 16GB.

You’re also getting a Thunderbolt port here, which yields the potential for a massive number of connections, and much faster data transfers as well. 

The new front facing camera has a 12MP ultra-wide lense, with a 122-degree field of view. That means you’ll be able to use a new mode called Centre Stage which will move your camera to keep you in frame when as you move around in your video calls. 

The new iPad Pro price does start out at the same position as the previous model, with the 128GB and 256GB models costing $799 / £749 / AU$1,199 and $899 / £849 / AU$1,349 respectively. However, things start straying from last year’s iPad prices once you move beyond these entry level devices.

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If you opt for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro you’re also opening yourself up to an incredible display. Until we get our hands on it we won’t know just how the mini-LEDs, 2732 x 2048 resolution, 1600 nits of peak brightness, million to one contrast ratio, and 120Hz refresh rate will play out in real life, but the spec sheet looks set to rival an OLED panel.

That’s the main reason (other than additional screen size) for picking up the 12.9-inch iPad Pro over the 11-inch. However, you are also getting a slightly thicker profile here than the smaller model. 

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Inside, the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro is still offering the powerful M1 chip, plenty of storage options (including the new 2TB configuration), excellent CPU and GPU performance boosts, and Thunderbolt compatibility as well. 

We’re seeing the same iPad Pro price shift here too, with the smaller 128GB and 256GB models matching last year’s release but an increase in costs as you climb up the premium ladder.

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iPad deals on the 2020 iPad Pro were offering some stunning prices when the new model first launched, however those discounts have now slowed. With the newer model offering the same price on the 128GB and 256GB configurations, it’s worth keeping your attention on 2021’s offerings, but any iPad deals on the 512GB or 1TB 2020 model will still be worthwhile.

This model sports the A12Z Bionic chip, a step down from the M1 processor in the new generation, but still incredibly powerful for everyday and more demanding use. 

These iPad Pro deals are better suited to those who need a little more power than the iPad Air can provide, but don’t want (or need) to be lugging that 12.9-inch display of the larger model around. 

The latest iPad sales are bringing this 2020 model closer to the 2021 in price, so if you see a similarity in storage specs and cost it’s worth it to grab the latest release.

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While the M1 model may have steamrolled over the 2020 12.9-inch iPad Pro, there’s still plenty of power under the hood here, and a massive display to push that tech even further. However, it’s worth noting that the 2021 model does offer a lot more for the same MSRP in the 128GB and 256GB ranges.

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When are the best cheap ipad sales?

Cheap iPad sales typically hit when a new model is released, or in the months leading up to a big launch as retailers look to clear their inventory of older products. Keep an eye on the latest iPad news to pounce at the right time, but if you spot an offer in our price comparison charts that sits cheaper than the usual sales prices we’ve outlined above you’re likely already getting a great deal.

Aside from Apple’s own calendar, you’ll also find plenty of cheap iPad deals around the holiday sales and Black Friday. These are hot products at that time of year, so if you’re shopping in November or December and spot a good price, don’t hesitate as someone else will likely snap up your new tablet first.

If you’re a big fan of the Apple brand and operating system, we’ve got you covered for the latest cheap MacBook deals too. 

Plus, if you’re looking to splash out on your new tablet, why not take a look at the best cheap Apple Pencil prices or the latest Magic Keyboard deals going right now.

Where to find the best ipad deals

Still on the hunt for that perfect cheap iPad deal? Check out the retailers below for the latest price cuts, or head direct to Apple to scope out more features or take advantage of their trade-in scheme. 



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