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QueryDB has spent over 8 years helping developers remotely query their MySQL databases on iOS. It’s not just a desktop port: it handles flakey cellular network connections and delivering your data wherever you are!

• Optimized to run queries over low quality network connections.
• Does not maintain persistent connections to your database
• Automatically windows data requests to prevent client overload when 
querying large tables.
• Support for MPTCP (SSH server and routers must also support)
• Query oriented workflow.
• Query oriented workflow.
• Run queries with minimal steps.
• Run the same queries across different environments (e.g. prod, staging, dev).
• Support for Siri Shortcuts for both UI and scripting purposes
• Unicode support.
• Automatically sets to default database charset.
• iCloud support
• Easily synchronize servers and queries across all your devices.
• CSV export through iOS extensions
• Easily export data to Numbers, Files, and other sharing extensions that support CSV.
• Premium/Paid support for SSL connections and SSH tunneling

Comprehensive MySQL version support: Versions 3.x, 4,x, 5.x, and 8.x, Amazon Aurora, Google SQL, MariaDB.

QueryDB was first introduced on iOS 6 and has constantly been revised to keep up with iOS, iPad, MySQL, and SSH revisions. It currently works all the way back to iOS 9 and MySQL 3.x, up through iOS 13 and MySQL 8.x. No other app does this.
On top of an 8 year record, it continues to offer features absent from others like parameterized queries, Siri shortcuts.

For the past 8 years, we’ve only charged for Ad removal and SSH support, leaving basics like un-encrypted db access and CSV export available for free. Our hope is to continue offering basic access for free while charging a nominal fee to others who would use it in a professional capacity. However, the increasing combinations of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, SSH/SSL, and MySQL versions have substantially increased the burden of development, maintenance, and testing.

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To help keep up with the pace of change, we’re switching to a one-time fee for all features with support for subscriptions at a later date. As a thank you to all users who purchased the Remove Ads option, they’ll all be grandfathered into the new Premium tier (it will use the same in-app purchase product). From this version on, the one-time premium purchase will match the price of the MySQL QueryDB SSH product since they’re identical.

In-App Feedback Testimonials:

«This App is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Congrats!

It shouldn’t be free. ;)»

«Works dope for my inventory needs. Thanks homies»

No fuss
Works straighforward
Thank You»

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