‎NWEA Secure Testing on the App Store

‎NWEA Secure Testing on the App Store Без рубрики

‎ap news

Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news. Available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, AP News by The Associated Press features a personalized experience containing:

* A feed with developing stories from your followed topics.
* Customized news alerts tailored to your interests.
* Curated content hubs for deeper insights into major news events and story lines.
* Award-winning photos, videos and articles from around the world.
* Local-interest stories from newspapers and broadcasters.

‎first republic mobile

Securely manage your First Republic accounts whenever and wherever it suits you.

• View your accounts: See account and transaction details.

• Manage your debit card: Stay informed about how and when your card is used and initiate disputes for suspicious transactions.

• Send and transfer money: Use Zelle® to send money to friends and family*, request a domestic wire, and move money between your First Republic accounts or to your accounts held elsewhere.

• Deposit checks: Take a picture of your check and securely deposit it into your account.

• Contact your team: Access your banker, client support and more via email, phone or chat.

• Get a demo: View a self-guided tour of key app features before or after logging in.

Need assistance? Contact your team directly from the app or call client support at (855) 886-4819.

* U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled consumers typically occur in minutes and generally do not incur transaction fees.

Zelle® and the Zelle®-related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC, and are used herein under license.

‎gelong pos ipad version

Gelong Pos for iPad is a client software, this client connect to the server end systems using TCP/IP network, interact with the systems using your iPad. Using this app you can place orders, wirelessly transmit orders to the kitchen, bar or front desk. You can check orders list, revise orders, customer checkout, change menu, food picture upload and more. All data save to your local computer safely, not remote server.

**** install whole systems network, include software, hardware, setting receipt printers to work with GELONG POS systems requires basic IT skills. ****

*** This app can switch to English or Chinese Version. ****

Gelong POS for iPad 采用iPad 作为客户端, 使用TCP/IP网络跟吉朗餐饮系统服务器端连接, 使用这个应用, 你可以查看餐馆菜单, 点菜, 用无线网路将订单送入厨房,前台,酒吧等, 查看订单,修改订单, 买单, 也可以修改菜单, 上传菜的图片等. 订单和所有数据都是安全地保存在你的本地电脑。


‎iptv-smarters player

The IPTV Smarters Player is a fabulous video streaming player that allows end-users to stream content like Live TV, VOD, Series, and TV Catchup on iPhone, iPad, TvOS (Apple TV).

This video player app is easy to use and yet highly efficient with a powerful player, attractive and very impressive layout, and most importantly user-friendly.

Features Overview:

• Support API ( Xtream Codes, Xtream UI, XUI )
• Master Search ( New )
• Live, Movies and Series Streaming Supported
• New Layout / UI Design ( New)
• Auto-update EPG as a backend process ( New)
• Recent Added Category Added (New)
• Continue Watching Category added ( New)
• Resume functionality for video ( it picks up where the left off )
• Search for Categories ( Movies, Series, Channels well)
• Player Improvements and New Controls
• Multi-Users ( Improvements)
• Support: TV Catch Up Streaming
• Parental Controls
• Ability to open the channel list on the Video Player(NEW)
• Ability to open “ List of episodes” on the Video Player (NEW)
• AirPlay Integration for casting
• MultiScreen Support
• External EPG Sources Supported

Premium Version: As we have removed the Ads but added some new features. To unlock the new features, you have to buy the premium version.

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• IPTV Smarters Player does not supply or include any media or content
• Users must provide their own content
• IPTV Smarters Player has no affiliation with any third-party provider whatsoever.
• We do not endorse the streaming of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder.

‎nwea secure testing

The app on its own is fine. My whole childhood has been tied to his app and the day we would take it. Most of the kids were happy since it took out from out math time. Now it’s a good testing system and I like how you can suspend the test if more time is needed. It also gives honest scores and even the Lexile.

My main problem are the practice test. The new school year is about to start and I need to see if I should be placed in ALP reading class. When I took the practice test, it only gave about 3 question which in my opinion, would not make a child ready for the test. I thought to choose 7th grade and get new questions. However, I was greeted with the exact same questions. I even tried 8th and the questions didn’t change. What I’m trying to say is try and add more practice questions to the app. Thanks.


Padlet is a digital canvas to create beautiful projects that are easy to share and collaborate on.

It works like a piece of paper. We give you an empty page — a padlet — and you can put whatever you like on it. Drag in a video, record an interview, snap a selfie, write your own text posts or upload some documents, and voilà! A padlet is born. Make it even more beautiful by choosing custom wallpapers and themes.

Padlet is different from other blogging tools and inspiration boards because it’s flexible. Create a grocery list, a Venn diagram, a discussion board, a group greeting card, a portfolio, or a business plan, all in one app. Used by teachers, students, professionals, and individuals of all ages, all around the world, padlets can be selectively shared and edited among multiple contributors.

Padlet for iPhone takes the Padlet you know and love, and makes it portable. With views tailored for smaller devices and easy-to-use editor buttons, you can change how your padlet looks with a quick tap. Personalize it with selfies. Use our new menu to invite others to view and edit your padlets. Share across social platforms.

ClassKit integration makes it easier for teachers to share and track their students when working on padlets. Teachers can create handouts that include a padlet and then share the assignment to their respective classes. The students are then able to open the padlet from the SchoolWork app and start work on their assignment right away. Teachers will be able to see who has opened the assignment, how long they have worked on the assignment, and whether or not they have completed their work.

Millions of people are already using Padlet for:

Opinion forums
Lesson plans
Real estate listings
To-Do list
Inspiration board
Writing prompts
Collecting feedback
Collaborative note-taking
Photo collages
Solo or group presentations
Group greeting cards
Pen Pal messages
Professional Development

Here’s what happy users around the world have to say about Padlet:

“Your app is fantastic. Congrats for being intuitive!”

«Padlet is the best god damn thing anyone has invented.»

«Whether you’re a newbie or an EdTech whizz, Padlet is an app you absolutely have to use!» — James Gibbons (@ThatEdTechGuy)

Easy to use for both me and my students. Takes to minutes to make a customized feedback forum that is secure and interactive.

«»The best tool I’ve used to create true interaction sharing and provide powerful choice and agency for students (and teachers).»

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You can upgrade to Padlet Pro for $99.99 a year or $12.99 a month. With Pro you get:

— unlimited padlets
— 10x bigger uploads
— custom domains for your padlets
— folders
— priority support

Note: payment will be charged to your iTunes account once you confirm the upgrade. Padlet Pro automatically renews unless it is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.

To turn off auto-renewal, go to Account > Billing > Manage in App Store.

No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.


Read our privacy policy at http://sl.padlet.com/privacy-policy. You can also email us at hello@padlet.com for support.

‎skype for ipad

English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

‎the pathless

*ATTENTION* Works with compatible Apple devices below.

From the creators of ABZÛ, The Pathless is the mythic adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest.

Archery and Falconry

Become the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. Forge a connection with your eagle companion and soar through the air. Perform fluid acrobatics and execute awesome trick shots with a unique archery system that allows effortless shooting while moving at high speeds.

Explore an Open World

Forge your own path through a beautiful open world packed with secrets to find. Traverse misty forests, lush meadows and snowy tundras. Discover the dark history of the island as you solve puzzles in ancient ruins and bound across the treetops.

Hunt Corrupted Spirits

Giant corrupted spirits lurk in the woods. Use all your skill to hunt them down, but be careful not to become the hunted yourself. Engage in epic battles against the cursed beasts to restore light to the land. The bond with your eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance.

This game is compatible with the following Apple devices:

iPhone — 7th generation and higher
iPhone SE — 2nd generation
iPad — 6th generation and higher
iPad Air — 3rd generation and higher
iPad mini — 5th generation and higher
iPod touch — 7th generation
iPad Pro — 2nd generation and higher
AppleTV 4K
On Mac, requires: CPU: Intel Core i5-7260U / AMD Athlon 200 GE / equivalent,GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 / AMD Radeon Pro 450 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / equivalent, RAM: 4 GB

‎wzp for ipad

WZP allows you to (unofficially) send and receive WhatsApp messages on your iPad with ease by linking it with your phone.

To connect, just scan the QR code via your phone.

— No ads, no hidden costs.
— Easy one time setup.
— Your WZP messages are synced with WhatsApp messages on your phone.
— Send messages, emojis and photos to anyone!
— Open links in a separate browser.
— No space wasted with «double banners» that other apps have.

NOTE: Your phone needs an active internet connection to sync messages with your iPad. To reduce data usage, please connect your phone to Wi-Fi.

**This application is not by WhatsApp Inc. and is not affiliated with the company.

**All trademarks are of their respective owners, e.g. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

Developer: Wern Jie (15)

‎x air

X AIR allows you to control the mixing, processing and effects functions of BEHRINGER’s X18, XR18, XR16, & XR12 Digital Mixers right from your iPad®.
X AIR Version 1.5 delivers simple and advanced control features for the X18, XR18, XR16 & XR12 consoles. The user interface is providing access to mixing 18 input channels to 12 buses and editing 4 internal stereo effects processors, with highest professional audio quality, yet hiding away most of the underlying complexity. Switching to ‘Advanced’ mode offers full access to many more parameters of Sends, Gate and Compressor sections, when needed. You may also use the application in demo mode for offline show preparation, when no mixer is available.
* Control all Levels for Inputs 1 – 18, incl. Preamp Gain, Low Cut, Phase, Phantom, Stereo Link
* Control all mixer internal snapshot memory, DCA groups, Mute groups and Automixing
* Full EQ Control – fine-tune the 4-/6-band parametric or 31-band graphic equalizers with RTA support
* Metering Overview – all levels at a glance
* Control bus send levels of input channels conveniently from their channel faders
* Detailed Preamp/Configuration, Gate, Dynamics, EQ and Bus Sends editing pages
* Full Effects editing GUI screens for all 61 internal FX types
* Gate and Dynamics offer either simple preset-based control or advanced, in-depth parameter control
* Create custom presets for each component of your X AIR processing, or entire mixer scenes on your iPad
* Control background music or stereo recording on USB drive with XR12 and XR16 mixers
X18/XR18/XR16/XR12 mixer firmware V1.15 or higher recommended
iPad with iOS 12.0 or higher

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‎divinity — original sin 2

Это игра для iPad нового поколения, поэтому она НЕ БУДЕТ РАБОТАТЬ на устройствах, не входящих в приведенный ниже список.
Поддерживаемые устройства:
— iPad Pro 11 (2021)
— iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)
— iPad Air (2020)
— iPad Pro 11 (2020)
— iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)
— iPad Pro 11 (2021)
— iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)
Для полной установки игры требуется не менее 18 ГБ свободного места.

Создайте персонажа щером-имперцем или умертвием, восставшим из могилы? А это важно, ведь мир вокруг будет реагировать на то, кто – или что – вы такое.

Собирайте отряд и развивайте отношения со спутниками. Расправляйтесь с врагами в продуманных тактических пошаговых сражениях. Пользуйтесь ландшафтом как оружием; используйте высоту, чтобы получить преимущество, и загоняйте врагов в ловушки.
Вознеситесь и станьте божеством, в котором так отчаянно нуждается Ривеллон.

Исследуйте огромный, многоплановый мир Ривеллона в одиночку или вместе с тремя товарищами, каждый из которых может в любой момент присоединиться или покинуть игру. Отправляйтесь куда угодно, дайте волю воображению и находите новые способы взаимодействия с миром.
— Играйте так, как вам нравится! Игра поддерживает управление с помощью жестов, мыши и клавиатуры или других подключаемых устройств.
— Путешествуйте в одиночку, вдвоем на одном устройстве или по сети в группе до четырех игроков. Выбор за вами!
— В режиме разделения экрана двое игроков могут путешествовать по миру Ривеллона в совершенно различных его частях, и все это без экранов загрузки и прочих неприятностей.
— Приглашайте друзей, подбирайте игроков в отряд, получайте достижения в Game Center и используйте iCloud для облачных сохранений.
— Поддержка сохранений, доступных на разных устройствах и кроссплатформенной игры на Mac и iPad. Например, вы можете играть в метро, а ваш напарник – сидя за своим маком!
Бесконечная свобода для экспериментов и исследования мира. Идите куда угодно, говорите с кем угодно, взаимодействуйте с чем угодно! Можно убить любого персонажа, не перекрыв себе возможность дальнейшего прохождения. Можно поговорить с любым животным. Даже у призраков могут оказаться свои секреты…
Выбирайте расу и происхождение. Играйте за одного из 6 персонажей с уникальной биографией и заданиями – или создайте собственного героя: человека, ящера, эльфа, гнома или нежить. У каждого решения будут серьезные последствия.

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