How to Reset iPad without Apple ID (99.2% Success)

How to Reset iPad without Apple ID (99.2% Success) Ipad

Hard reset apple ipad air 2020, how to —

How to backup ipad before resetting with no apple id

Step 1. Run iOS Data Backup & Restore

Free download and install the iPad backup program on computer. Launch it and select «iOS Data Backup» option. Use a lightning USB cable to connect iPad to computer. Choose «Start» to access file types of your iPad.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. Select file types to scan

Before resetting an iPad to factory settings without Apple ID or iCloud password, you need to select file types you want to restore. After your iPhone is detected by iOS Data Backup & Restore, the program will show available types of data you can sync.

Select File Types to Scan

Step 3. Backup data from iPad to computer before resetting

Click «Next» button and set a destination folder. Press «Backup» button to backup iPad data to computer without data loss. Later, you can also preview your iPad backup in details.

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Backup Data from iPad to Computer

After resetting an iPad with a forgotten Apple ID or password, you can turn to iOS Data Backup & Restore to restore deleted data without a hassle, too.

How to hard reset ipad (all models)

The standard restart process doesn’t always work. Sometimes an iPad can be locked up so much that the slider doesn’t appear and the iPad screen doesn’t respond to taps. In that case, you need to try a hard reset.

This technique clears the memory that apps and the operating system run in (but not your data; it will still be safe) and gives your iPad a fresh start. To perform a hard reset:

  1. Again, the steps differ based on whether your iPad has a Home button or not.

    • For iPads with Home Buttons: Hold down the home and on/off buttons at the same time.
    • For iPads without Home Buttons: Quickly press volume down, then quickly press volume up, then press and hold the on/off button. Skip to step 3.
  2. Continue holding the buttons even after the slider appears on the screen. The screen will eventually go black.

    If the iPad is completely frozen, the slider might not appear. Continue holding down the button until the screen goes black.

  3. When the Apple logo appears, let go of the buttons and let the iPad start up like normal.

Part 4. how to reset ipad by resetting apple id password

While you fail to reset your iPad because you forgot Apple ID password, you can also fix it by resetting Apple ID password.

Part 6: must-read tips before & after resetting ipad

Before resetting iPad to factory settings, you had better backup iPad data in advanced. Otherwise, your iPad will be as empty and all data are gone with wind.

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To backup iPad quickly and safely, you can use Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore.

It is a powerful iPad data management tool that you can backup and restore iPad data in one click, just as its name shows.

iOS Data Backup & Restore is a great alternative to iTunes, with which you can backup iPad without overwriting the old one.

Furthermore, you can also use the one-click iPad restore service to restore it after resetting iPad to factory settings without Apple ID or Password.

The easiest way to restart an ipad (all models)

The basic kind of restart—in which you turn the iPad off and then turn it back on—is the easiest to do and the first thing you should try when you experience hardware problems. The process won’t delete your data or settings. Follow these steps:

Lifewire / Grace Kim

  1. Your steps depend on whether your iPad has a home button or not:

    • For iPads with a Home button: Begin by pressing the on/off button. The on/off button is located on the top right corner of the iPad.
    • For iPads without a Home button: Press and hold the on/off button and one volume button at the same time. Skip to step 4.
  2. Hold the button until a slider appears at the top of the iPad screen.

  3. Let go of the on/off button.

  4. Move the slider left to right to turn off the iPad (or tap Cancel if you change your mind). This shuts down the iPad.

  5. When the iPad’s screen goes dark, the iPad is off.

  6. Restart the iPad by holding down the on/off button until the Apple icon appears. Let go of the button and the iPad will start up again.

The second way to master reset ipad — hard reset

It’s not uncommon for iPads to occasionally get a bit stuck; this usually means that the screen is frozen or it won’t respond to your touchscreen commands or any of the volume and power buttons on the device itself. Thankfully, there’s usually an easy fix for this type of issue: a hard reset.

Принудительная перезагрузка apple ipad air 2020 wi-fi cellular, показать больше —

Как сбросить установки до заводских на APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular? Как стереть все данные на APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular? Как обойти блокировку экрана на APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular? Как восстановить установки по умолчанию на APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular?

В текущем туториале показаны все методы основного сброса APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular. Узнайте как выполнить Жесткий Сброс с помощью аппаратных кнопок и настроек iPadOS . Как результат ваш APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular будет как новый и ваш процессор Apple A14 Bionic будет работать быстрее.

  1. Во-первых, подключите APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi Cellular к ПК с помощью зарядного устройства. APPLEiPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi   Cellular Charger
  2. Затем используйте следующую комбинацию: Volume Up nextly Volume Down и выключить планшет, нажав на кнопку питания в течение нескольких секунд Сброс APPLE iPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi   Cellular до заводских настроек.
  3. Когда мобильный телефон выключен, продолжайте нажимать кнопку питания и одновременно нажимайте кнопку уменьшения громкости в течение 5 секунд.
  4. Вы можете отпустить только кнопку питания и подождать 10 секунд, все еще нажимая кнопку уменьшения громкости .
  5. После этого iTunes сообщает, что появляется режим DFU .
  6. Отлично, вы в ожидаемом режиме.
  7. На следующем шаге выберите свою модель в iTunes.
  8. Затем выберите вариант « Восстановить» . APPLEiPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi   Cellular iTunes
  9. Примите параметр « Восстановить и обновить», а затем подтвердите всю операцию, OK.
  10. Как вы можете видеть, ваше устройство стирает все данные и устанавливает программное обеспечение. APPLEiPad Air 2020 Wi-Fi   Cellular iTunes
  11. Наконец, нажмите « Установить как новый iPad» и выберите имя для своего планшета.
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