‎Pro Guide for CSGO on the App Store

‎Pro Guide for CSGO on the App Store Ipad

‎buff skins & items marketplace

BUFF163 aims to provide a secure and user-friendly skins marketplace for all Steam users. Currently we support games like CS:GO, DOTA2, etc.
[Fast trade] We have great amount of skins, massive sellers and buyers, fast delivery. Sell from your inventory, straight to buyer’s inventory.
[Powerful and Convenient] You can search skins by stickers, explore various functions and filters, make wise purchase.
[Skins Classification] Doppler style, AK Tier, Fade percentage, Fire & Ice, Sticker wear percentage, etc.
[HD Screenshot] You can view ultra-high-definition screenshot and 3D inspect of CS:GO skins without launching the game.
[Gallery and Community] Share your skins artworks with other players.
[Customer Support] Our professional support team can quickly help you answer questions, resolve problems.

Official website

Twitter: @buff163

‎cs go case simulator

Buy and Open CASES, CAPSULES, SOUVENIR PACKAGES to draw various items and collect them!
The prices of the items are updated straight from STEAM MARKET!
Use UPGRADES to increase your chances and improve various things!
Collect items and increase your INVENTORY!
Earn virtual currency (Money)!

— Case Opener Capsule Opener Souvenir Packages Opener!
— Clicker — Tap to earn currency!
— Upgrades, Rewards, Extras!
— 14,000 Items from STEAM MARKET!
— Up to date ITEM PRICES!
— Counter Strike Global Offensive Case Simulator!

— 29 Cases!
— 94 Souvenir Packages!
— 18 Capsules!
Includes: Berlin 2021, Katowice 2021, Danger Zone and more!

Disclaimer: The money used in this game is virtual currency.


— Подобно режиму Casual, Deathmatch имеет ту же функцию, и они оба используются для тренировок игроков.

‎market for cs go — monitor prices of skins & items from counter strike global offensive on steam community — lite version

▶ Whether you are a SELLER or a BUYER of CS items, this is a perfect app for you!
▶ EARN or SAVE money with this app!
▶ Including CHROMA 3 CASE !

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Market for CS GO allows you to keep an eye on the prices Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items on the Steam Community Market. If you fancy getting great deals on items simply set up your alerts, you will be notified the second the price drops below your anticipated value. Market for CS GO is also a helpful tool to analyze the Steam Community Market. Take advantage of all advanced options to never miss out the deals you were waiting for!

Gives you a quick view of market information and the real-time prices of items you are currently watching. You can also check and change your alerts in this tab and access advanced market information.

▸ ITEMS LIST — More than 5,000 CS GO items!
Allows you to look through the items of your favourite game and use the search option if you know what you are looking for, it contains the name of the items and their pictures. If you found something interesting just add it to your Watch List.

When using this app you can feel like you are playing CS GO. We prepared this special and unique theme just for you! The icon and even the font are inspired by your favourite game!

√ Chart line with prices from all days!
√ Chart bar with prices from the last days!
√ Animated and dynamic charts!
√ Overview of the detailed market information and statistics of the items!
√ Price history of the items – check how the price changed overtime, every price change is registered together with the exact time!
√ Link to the page of the item on STEAM!

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▸ PRICE ALERTS — Unlimited customizable alerts!
Set unlimited amount of alerts! Including price change alerts and price difference alerts, customize them all to meet your needs! You’ll get an alert in the app – when you are using it or a notification outside the app!

√ PRICE DIFFERENCE ALERTS allow you to to monitor how the prices change
√ PRICE CHANGE ALERTS notify you when the price drops below or raises over your anticipated value

The application monitors the game market in the background, you won’t need to check the app every few minutes, you’ll get an notification as soon as the deal you were waiting for appears!

▸ 16 CURRENCIES to monitor the prices in — USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, BRL, NOK, MYR, SGD, JPY, THB, PHP, IDR, MXN, TRY, CAD, NZD!

▸ HELP TOPICS — there are various help topics in the help tab to make it easy for you to take advantage of all advanced options!

▸ APP BADGE NUMBER — when the application is not opened and there will be new price alerts for the items from your Watch List the Badge Number will increase. If you’ll miss any price alerts, the Badge Number will remind you to check them out in the app!


▸ CROSS DEVICE and CROSS RESOLUTION — this app works smoothly on every device and resolution!

‎pro guide for csgo

A CS:GO Guide with Callouts for all the common competitive maps and smoke grenades (more coming soon). You don’t have to watch a video, you can easily use it ingame with accurate images.

Additional a bomb timer and useful guides are in the app. For example the Economy of CT and Ts.

The app will be updated permanent with new grenades and nice information.

Overview of the Features:
— Callouts for: agency, assault, italy, militia, office, aztec, cache, cbble, dust, dust2, inferno, mirage, nuke, overpass, vertigo, train, canals
— Grenades for the most maps
— Bomb Timer
— Reaction Test
— Travelling Times
— Weapons
— Guides: Eco Rounds, Grenades, Bomb Defuse, Rescue Hostages, …
— Economy: CT, T, Rewards
— Commands for practice

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Nutzen Sie noch heute Mobile Trading mit dem sino X2GO

* Optimiert für unterwegs
Der sino X2GO wurde speziell für den Einsatz auf Smartphones entwickelt. Greifen Sie von überall auf Ihr Orderbuch und Ihre Positionen (Profit/Loss-Bewertung) zu oder beobachten Sie das aktuelle Marktgeschehen (Kurse).
Auf Wunsch ist auch eine Freischaltung zum Handel möglich.

* Verlässliche sino MX-PRO Technologie
Separater Zugang zu Marktinformationen und Handel durch zweistufiges LogIn. Alle Informationen werden verschlüsselt übertragen.

Der sino X2GO nutzt die Servertechnologie des sino MX-PRO für den Handel und die Übertragung von Marktinformationen. Alle Trades über den sino X2GO können auch über den sino MX-PRO eingesehen, geändert und gelöscht werden.

Der sino X2GO wird im Rahmen eines Handelskontos für den sino MX-PRO oder den sino X-GO! ausgeliefert!

Гонка вооружений

— Подобно другим играм, таким как Gun Game, это означает, что игрокам нужно убивать врагов, чтобы обновить свое оружие.

‎кейс симулятор

Counter-strike: Global Offensive кейс симулятор.

Система рангов, твой профиль, новые кейсы!

Shadow кейс. Сувенирные наборы. Выбей AWP Dragon Lore!
КС ГО контракты. Контракт StatTrak!

В приложении есть рейтинг. Откройте как можно больше кейсов с лучшим кс:го кейс симулятор.

• Лучший дизайн
• Лучшая анимация
• Лучший звук


— Две команды из пяти человек сражаются друг против друга в матче, который длится примерно 45 минут.

Курс оружия

— Курс оружия, разработанный, чтобы помочь пользователям использовать основные предметы, такие как оружие и гранаты. Все остальные пять режимов этой игры можно играть в автономном режиме или онлайн, за исключением этого режима.


— Будучи менее серьезным, чем соревновательный режим, случайный режим не зарегистрирует дружеские бои против других игроков противоположной команды.

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