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Adjust the display and text size on ipad

  • Bold Text: Display the text in boldface characters.

  • Larger Text: Turn on Larger Accessibility Sizes, then adjust the text size using the Font Size slider.

    This setting adjusts to your preferred text size in apps that support Dynamic Type, such as Settings, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes.

  • Button Shapes: This setting underlines text you can tap.

  • On/Off Labels: This setting indicates switches turned on with “1” and switches turned off with “0”.

  • Reduce Transparency: This setting reduces the transparency and blurs on some backgrounds.

  • Increase Contrast: This setting improves the contrast and legibility by altering color and text styling.

    Apps that support Dynamic Type—such as Settings, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes—adjust to your preferred text size.

  • Differentiate Without Color: This setting replaces user interface items that rely on color to convey information with alternatives.

  • Smart Invert or Classic Invert: Smart Invert Colors reverses the colors of the display, except for images, media, and some apps that use dark color styles.

  • Color Filters: Tap a filter to apply it. To adjust the intensity or hue, drag the sliders.

  • Reduce White Point: This setting reduces the intensity of bright colors.

  • Auto-Brightness: This setting automatically adjusts the screen brightness for current light conditions using the built-in ambient light sensor.

  • ‎daily facts for ipad

    Daily Facts — Covering the largest county in the United States, it is the best source of local news, sports and entertainment information. Daily Facts now available 24/7 everywhere you are. The iOS app is an exact replica of the printed newspaper with customizable features to fit your needs.

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    The app allows you to access the paper when you’re offline, on the road or in flight. Easy to save the information you want for later.

    Stay connected to the events in your world with Daily Facts iOS app!

    — Local & National News
    — Sport Scores
    — Entertainment
    — Business

    Read books in the books app on ipad

    To see your books, audiobooks, and PDFs on your Mac, choose Apple menu Read books in the Books app on iPad - Apple Support > System Preferences, then do one of the following:

    • macOS 10.15 or later: Click Apple ID, select iCloud in the sidebar, then select iCloud Drive. Click Options, then select Books.

    • macOS 10.14 or earlier: Click iCloud, then select iCloud Drive. Click Options, then select Books.

    To see your collections, bookmarks, notes, and highlights on your Mac, open Books, choose Preferences, click General, then select “Sync collections, bookmarks, and highlights across devices.”

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