‎Scientific Stopwatch — Modern on the App Store

‎Scientific Stopwatch - Modern on the App Store Ipad

‎scientific stopwatch — modern

Thanks to Mark Rober for using this app in his Arcade Scam video 🙂

An ultramodern stopwatch capable of measuring time in microseconds, or 0.000001 seconds.

Display total time elapsed in seconds, minutes, or hours. No need to bring a calculator to the track to figure out how many seconds your mile took.

Perfect for physics class! You can measure time in microseconds and convert directly to seconds.

‎stopwatch ٞ

Stopwatch application is easy use for daily life.
Has following features:

Stopwatch application is easy use for daily life.
Has following features:
-After re launch or came back from inactive mode continuous to timer without interruption
-Start, stop, laps buttons gives vibrate and sound notification
— Sound and Vibrate notification can be turn on and off
-Records Laps
-Support Today widget and display the stopwatch session started from application with synchronization
— Support Apple watch
— If you start timer from phone or Apple watch you can continue on apple watch or phone such as lap,stop, start functionality without interruption


English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese

‎ultimate stopwatch

The Ultimate Stopwatch is a professional timing tool for the iPhone and iPad, providing multiple stopwatches for anyone who has to track a large number of people in a large number of events, especially coaches, trainers, or PE teachers.

Simple to use, but powerful enough to handle a heavy workload.

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No Limits
Time an unlimited number of watches (with an incredible 180 displayed at once on an iPad Pro!)
Track unlimited laps per watch (last 4 to 10 displayed, depending on watch «face» used)
Track unlimited number of races, each named with location and any notes
Have your Watches run all the time (independently of whether app is running or not); no power used when watches are not displayed on screen

Complete control
Edit built-in activity list to include whatever sports/events you track
Control each watch separately, or use master start/stop/reset
Choose from 25 different stopwatch formats (iPhone/iPad, bigger/smaller, more/less info shown)
Switch at any time between split/cumulative display, or even both!
Control the fractions of a second to display (tenths, hundreds, thousandths)

Unlimited People
Organize your people into teams, classes, or groups
Report for each person on what their races/times have been across all races
Import people from your contacts, including photos and emails
Track personal best for each kind of race for each person

Flexible Reports
Add notes to each race or even each person in a race
Sort reports by time or by name
Print reports or copy/paste into other applications, or export as CSV into Excel
Send reports via email to each person or to the whole group
Track and report which type of activity was timed (even separately for each watch)
Find a race by name, or use the map to find it by location
Set time display units and split options for reports separately from watches
Graphs of individual or race performance.

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Easy to use
Launch a race without even looking, using the volume button
Run multiple races simultaneously, easily switching between them
Not sure who’s coming in? Save a temporary Lap or Stop and assign it later
Load a race for a whole group in a single tap with a huge start button
Auto-sort watches: as each person completes a lap, they drop to the bottom, so next lap they’re easy to find.
Or manually drag watches into whatever order you like
Track photos for each person to help identify during a large group run
Add, sort, or delete watches, even while race is ongoing
Correct timing mistakes by easily editing any time for any watch or lap
Undo any mistakes throughout the app (such as on a false start or hitting the wrong lap button: just shake and accept the undo)
Use Staggered starts to automatically spread out your runners over time, or launch a new group all at once
Full Screen launch board so each runner nows when to go

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