Тест на употребление условных предложений в английском языке ‹

Тест на употребление условных предложений в английском языке ‹ Ipad

Conditionals 1, 2, 3 (spotlight 9) — easy grammar test — пройти онлайн тест | online test pad

Spotlight 9 module 7c: an easy grammar test for students who try hard to understand Conditionals 1, 2, 3 (the multiple-choice answers are given in the same order — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Conditionals)

Грамматический тест по теме «Условные наклонения 1-2-3» для тех обучающихся 9 класса, у кого не сформировано понимание функций и правил формирования данных конструкций.

Тест на conditional sentences в английском языке

  • If I had time, I … this composition.

  • If you warm water, it … .

  • I would have bought that car it I … enough money that day.

  • We will invite all our friends, if we … to this house!

  • He … the message if he knew Spanish.

  • If the weather … fine, we will celebrate your birthday outside.

  • The parents … me go to the Crimea if I pass exams well.

  • I … those papers if I had had a little bit more time. Alas!..

  • If you … the key, we won’t enter the house.

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  • If I had a chance, I … to Cuba.

  • You will never be successful if you … efforts.

  • If she … a full-time job, she could afford such an apartment.

  • If you lend me your bag, I … shopping.

  • If you … eat, you get hungry.

  • I won’t feel well if I … enough.

  • If you … yesterday, we would have managed to do all the errands.

  • They would have done the task if they … their best soldier.

  • If you … nothing, you will stay without this job.

  • If we … for him that night, we would have never learnt the truth.

  • I will show you the place, if you … me the ride.

  • Чтобы продолжить тест, выберите один из вариантов ответа.

    Тест на употребление условных предложений в английском языке ‹

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