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Are you a presenter, meeting host, tutorial creator, remote teacher or student? Do you want to be able to more easily see your mouse pointer on that giant iMac screen? Need a handy magnifier to zoom in? “Cursor Pro” makes finding your pointer and pixels easier than ever and makes sure everyone else following along can see it, too. And that’s just the start!

“A-plus app for students” — Mac App Store (03.2021)

With “Cursor Pro” you can make your pointer pulse and beg for attention when you can’t find it and have it act as a magnifier all from one carefully designed, fun-to-use app. It’s fully customizable: Choose how you want your pointer to be highlighted with options including a circle, an eye-pleasing squircle, and a diamond-shaped rhombus. Want to make it appear a specific color? No problem. You can even make it look like something out of the world with a cyberpunk-esque glow if that’s your thing, too!

You’ll find “Cursor Pro” invaluable and indispensable if you:

• Want to make a professional impression. Use your Mac to demonstrate apps, workflows, or anything else. People will see your pointer and the clicks you perform more easily.

• Work remotely and need to be able to share your screen with a colleague without them asking what you’re doing all the time. Your pointer, and the actions you perform, will be clearly visible.

• Present on a big screen and want to make sure everyone can see exactly what you’re doing without issue. Enable the magnifier and make sure everyone can see on-screen text and interface elements.

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• Capture on-screen tutorials for sharing online or to help promote an app or service.

• Have a large screen or even multiple displays. Losing your pointer is something that happens to many of us far too often. Cursor Pro will make sure you always know where your pointer is.


• Customizable Cursor Highlight: Choose your preferred Shape, Size, Weight, Border Style, Glow, Animations and Colors.

• Magnifier: Set up a magnifying key, choose a zoom factor, define magnifier qualify and size.

• Behavior: Auto-Hide, Beg For Attention, Global Hot Key.

• Display the app within your Dock, the StatusBar or both.

• Autostart: Launch the app automatically on login.

• Works great with Screen Sharing apps like Zoom, Google Hangout or Skype (but share your entire screen, not just a single window!)

• Updated for macOS 11 Big Sur

• Optimized for Mac with M1 (Apple Silicon)

We take your privacy seriously. “Cursor Pro” doesn’t collect any data and all of your actions and clicks stay offline, on your computer. No network connection is needed for “Cursor Pro” to function.

If you enjoy the app please consider to rate it. It’s a great way to support indie developers like me.

If you have any ideas on how I can improve “Cursor Pro” even further I would love to hear from you: martin@ixeau.com

‎cursor: приложения в app store

Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional


I use a three screen system, and the main reason I tried this product was to keep track of where my mouse was more easily. After the install, I found that iCursor only functioned on the primary display. Also, scrolling through the list of template trails, I found that most of them were duplicate and triplicate copies of one another, renamed, giving the app the appearance of having many more options than it came with.

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Moreover, from that day forward, I was not able to use iCursor at all with any template despite rebooting, hard rebooting, and plugging and unplugging all of my displays. The app was officially deemed dead weight on my SSD and uninstalled today.

The few cursor effects that did work were vibrant, colorful, and unique, and had I only used one display, I would have found the product very useful. But the app’s multi-screen functionality issues and it’s uttter refusal to work henceforth have caused me to feel distaste to the point of uninstalling it.

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