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. Dumbledore’s Office

You can enter the office only after finishing the main story mode!

. Slytherin Common Room

In order to get inside, you need a Slytherin student.

. Gryffindor Common Room

You need a Gryffindor student to enter.

. Hufflepuff Tower

In order to enter, eliminate the pixie (IM) holding the handle, place it in its place and open (WL).

. Hufflepuff Common Room

In order to get inside, you need a Hufflepuff student.

. Hufflepuff Dormitory

In order to get inside, activate the candlestick in the common room (WL), put earmuffs on in the wardrobe, pick up the Mandrake and put it into the pot by the wardrobe and door on the left.

. Ravenclaw Tower

In order to get inside, get rid of the Boggart (RK) lurking in the chest on the right, by the entrance.

. Revenclaw Common Room

In order to get inside, you need a Ravenclaw student.

. Herbology Classroom (side room)

Use (RD) at the back of the Herbology Classroom to enter.

. Greenhouse

The entrance to the Greenhouse is at the back of the Herbology Classroom — a very big door, hard to miss.

. Clocktower

You will get the key by defeating the Boggart (RK) — the chest is right beside the entrance.

. Owlery

The key to the entrance is inside the Boggart chest on the Grassy Courtyard (M3.34).

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To create a lift, throw out the grain (WL) from the chest, assemble a platform (WL), move the egg through the labyrinth (WL) and crack it with magic.

In order to make the lift after turning back time, use a spell on the owl on the painting on the left.

. Charms Classroom (left basement)

You will get here by destroying the massive padlock with on the left side on the Charms Classroom with (RD).

. Charms Classroom (right basement)

You will get here by using a character with a key on the left side of the Charms Hallway.

. Potions Classroom (side room)

You need: a character with a key, a character with a book and a Hufflepuff student.

Wave to the painting on the left with a Hufflepuff student.

Use the character with a book to read the signs on the cabinet on the right.

Use (WL) on the bird statues on the balustrade and then assemble a lock (WL) which you can open using a character with a key.

. Transfiguration Classroom (side room)

Use (RD) on the door inside the Transfiguration Classroom.

Boys’ Bathroom

In order to get into the bathroom, use (RD) on the padlock.

. Gear Basement

Use (RD) on the chest at the back of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom and afterwards assemble (WL) a door from the bricks.

Muggle Artifacts Room

In order to get to the room, press the button by the blue door.

A jinxed broom

Go down the stairs and use (WL) on the wall to unlock a passage #1. The further part of the map will eventually crumble — jump on the broom and fly above the pit #2.

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Go right until you reach a smashed pipe #1. Put it back together (WL) by placing the correct elements in the right places. Switch to Ron, use Scabbers and go into the pipe.

Scare the student standing by the chest — spheres will fly out and smash a part of the map. Return to the knocked down bricks. You have to arrange them properly (as shown on the picture in the game) using the (WL) spell #2.

Go up, compose (WL) a shelf from the bricks #1 and use Hermione to read it. Push in the plates in the order shown on screen. After unlocking the passage, keep heading right.

Arrange the bricks (WL) so you can get upstairs #1. Go up the ladder. Approach the shelf and read the signs using Hermione#2.

Use the bricks on the left and arrange (WL) a staircase #1; use the bricks gained from the shelf and attach (WL) them to the wall, creating more stairs this way #2.

Jump to the very top and destroy the chests on the left #1, which will unlock a passage #2.

Character tokens

Oliver Wood: Prepare the Strengthening Potion — the ingredients can be found in the bushes #1. Afterwards pull the chain by the gate on the right. Jump onto the broom and fly through all the circles #2.

Face of the enemy

You will face Fluff — Hagrid’s three-headed dog. Use magic on the painting showing a bathing wizard. He will throw out a rubber duck — use magic on it as well and it will increase #1. Throw it to Fluff (WL) — the dog will move away and you will be able to put together the destroyed harp #2. Jump through the opened hatch.

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Use (LS) to get rid of tall the Devil’s Snare #1 and jump into the hole on the right. Keep using (LS) and head right, to the room with the flying keys. Place (WL) the barrel onto the armour’s head and he will let go a flying broom #2.

Jump onto the broom and begin shooting the large gold key with magic. After a couple shots #1 (after you shoot down all the small keys flying round the big one), it will fall down to the ground. Use it to open the door (WL) #2.

You will end up on a chess board. You have to move the particular chess pieces — each time you can shoot only one piece, so there’s not too much of a choice here. You play with the black. Use magic to find the next pieces #1.

The forbidden forest

Right after the mission begins, you will get attacked by a giant hornet. Quickly destroy the nest #1, or else the hornets will keep coming out. Move right — you will find round bricks lying on the ground. Put them together (WL) creating a cloud #2, which will water the tree, causing a ladder to appear.

Switch to Fang and climb up. You will find a digging spot there #1 with another ladder to dig up. Climb it and move right. You will once more be attacked by a hornet. Don’t forget to destroy the nest.

. Pendulum Basement

Use (DM) on the gate at the back of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom.

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