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Change notification settings on ipad

Most notification settings can be customized for each app. You can turn app notifications on or off, have notifications play a sound, choose how and where you want app notifications to appear when your device is unlocked, and more.

  1. Go to Settings Change notification settings on iPad - Apple Support > Notifications.

  2. To schedule a notifications summary, tap Scheduled Summary, then turn on Scheduled Summary.

    Select the apps you want notifications for in your summary, set a time for delivery of your summary, then tap the Back button at the top left. (See schedule a notifications summary.)

  3. To choose when you want most notification previews to appear, tap Show Previews, select an option—Always, When Unlocked, or Never—then tap the Back button at the top left.

    Previews can include things like text (from Messages and Mail) and invitation details (from Calendar). You can override this setting for individual apps.

  4. Tap an app below Notification Style, then turn Allow Notifications on or off.

    If you turn on Allow Notifications, choose when you want the notifications delivered—immediately or in the scheduled notifications summary—and turn Time Sensitive Notifications on or off.

    For many apps, you can also set a notification banner style and turn sounds and badges on or off.

  5. Tap Notification Grouping, then choose how you want the notifications grouped:

    • Automatic: The notifications from the app are grouped according to organizing criteria within the app, such as by topic or thread.

    • By App: All the notifications from the app are grouped together.

    • Off: Turn off grouping.

To turn off notifications selectively for apps, go to Settings > Notifications > Siri Suggestions, then turn off any app.

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When you use Focus, it delays the delivery of notifications on iPad to prevent interruptions. You can schedule a time to receive a summary of the notifications you missed. See Schedule a notifications summary.

If you still need help

If your device still shows an incorrect date, time, or time zone,2 change each setting instead of using Set Automatically. For example, you might have iOS 9 or earlier, and your country or region, or government changes the time zone or the observance of daylight saving time. If so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time. 
  2. Turn off Set Automatically.
  3. Now you can change the time zone or the date and time:3
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